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31 Mar 2017

Мы специализируемся на комплексном подходе к улучшению продаж путем глубокого анализа бизнеса клиента, нахождения недостатков существующих в процессе продаж для последующей корректировки недостатков и внедрения эффективных изменений.

Основные услуги:
1.Комплексный аудит системы продаж с выявлением "узких" мест и мест потенциального роста.
2. Внедрение изменений в систему продаж с достижением гарантированного роста.
3. Построение отдела продаж с "0".

Детальную информацию Вы можете получить у наших сотрудников:
+38 044 592 64 92

Компания "System of sales"

Contact Person: Александр


Tel: +38 044 592 64 92


08 Sep 2016

The primary goal of our company is the support the foreign businessmen in setting up company in Ukraine, assistance with market research, recruiting and administrative issues. We love our country and believe that it has a great potential for development. UAbrothers Consulting provides extensive diversity of service as well as high quality of work. Using our solid experience, professionalism and passion to what we do, we will always find the best solution for you. We bring success to our clients, continuously contribute toward improvement our service.

UAbrothers Consulting

Contact Person: Sergey

Borisohlibska 12

04070, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +380685003003


26 Aug 2016 - Покладіть вашу сайт в Інтернеті безкоштовно. Наш хостинг платформа пропонує безкоштовний план з трьома доменами і піддоменів, двох облікових записів FTP, двох облікових записів електронної пошти, бази даних MySQL, PHP7.0 і ніякого терміну придатності.

ABC Hosting Ltd dba

Contact Person: Pavel Sabadash

улица Шевченко, 7, а/я № 4444, Винница, Винницкая область

21036, Винница, Винницкая область, Ukraine

Tel: +380965191774


14 Jan 2016

We are the leading investing and buildings businesses involved in geospatial software and geo data production. Our elusive goal is to focus on the creation and delivery of geo data and the development of 3d map rf planning software for the global telecom.


Contact Person: Evgeniy Krivosheev

25/2 Bolshaya,Zhitomirskaya Street,Kyiv,Ukraine

01001, Zhitomirskaya Street, Ukraine

Tel: +380442010086


06 Jan 2016

Інтернет магазин якісних та дешевих меблів у Ковелі

Mebli Glance

Contact Person: Іван Курчик

вул. Смірнова, 4

45008, м.Ковель, Ukraine

Tel: (067) 800-55-83


12 Nov 2015

Factory gate - is the official manufacturer of doors, windows and gates in Lvov.

factory gate

Contact Person: Oleh

Lviv st.

Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +380673329858


19 Jan 2015

Liquidation, bankruptcy, redemption and registration of enterprises of different ownership forms - the whole range of services with high quality and just in time for you to perform a legal agency "Liquid-project".


Contact Person: Eugene Nikolaevich

Str. Goloseevskaya, 7

03039, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38(044)392-48-83


18 Nov 2014

Professional Asphalting and Road Constraction service


Contact Person: Vladimir

Shatilova Dacha 4

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 789 9520, +38 099 798 3598


14 Nov 2014

advertising, marketing, commercial ads, business derictory

Ukrainian advertising journal

Contact Person: Andrew


Tel: +380443609325


03 May 2014

For Sales and After sales care of New and Used Volvo cars. We have a dedicated Business Sales Manager for all your Business car and Fleet requirements. We carry out Servicing, Repairs, Bodywork, Tyre fitment and MOT’s with free collection and delivery within our area and courtesy cars by appointment.

Volvocars (TW10100101188)

Contact Person: sajidaziz

chashma barrage wapda colony

42030, mianwali, Ukraine

Tel: +92459807796, 03009090858


09 Sep 2012

Dear clients,
Ukraine is really a great country, and now it is a lot of opportunities to do business.
My services are establishing links between foreign suppliers and potential Ukrainian clients, which can be distributors, trading companies and various retail outlets including supermarkets.
I have experience in the following areas: food, shoes, cosmetics, marble, and metal.
Some of my clients use my services from time to time to organize business meetings, when they plan a business visit to Ukraine.
Here find advantages of Ukraine:
•46 million consumers, the greatest market in Eastern Europe
•Highly competitive, well-educated, skilled workforce
•Strategic location at the crossroads of East-West and North-South trade routes
•Ideal platform for manufacturing and exporting both to Russia and to the EU
•Extensive transport infrastructure with railroad system, Black Sea ports, and PanEuropean Transport Corridor roadways
•Dynamic economic growth in the past five years, one of the highest in Europe
•Developed value-added industries with strong technical capabilities
•Concentration of specialized knowledge, network of universities and scientific research centers
•Many investor success stories including such companies as Kraft Foods, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, IKEA, METRO, Raiffeisen Bank,...
From myself, I can add, that Ukraine has great agricultural, IT, tourism and other potencial. Western experts recommend to enter to Ukrainian retail network nowadays.

Your assistant in Ukraine
Nataliia Sakhatska

Mob: +38 093-149 72 75
Please, visit my website


Contact Person: Nataliia Sakhatska

Lvivska square 1

04053, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +380931497275


11 Aug 2012

Business consalting and ideas for developing


Contact Person: Alexey


49000, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: + 3 8 050 451 2023


11 Jun 2012

We produce wood of oak. We provide quality services for drying wood.


Contact Person: Olga

Dovzhenka 101-A

04342, Kazatin, Ukraine

Tel: +38-04342-22047, +38-067-410-40-44


28 Apr 2012

Посуточная аренда одно-, двух-, трехкомнатных квартир во Львове в центре города от 260 грн

Tel: 380673402770


26 Mar 2012

Credit Union "CS Volododar"
-One of the largest credit unions in Ukraine.
Diiysnyy-member National Association of Credit Unions of Ukraine
-7 Years of perfect
-Deposit of 25% per annum
-Credit line for entrepreneurs on business development to 100 000UAH.
-Cash loans to individuals up to 60 000UAH. Without collateral.

Credit Union "CS Volododar" Lviv

Mohylnytskoho 16

79058, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +380322318602, +380322522066


17 Oct 2011

SMS / MMS solutions for business.


Contact Person: Dennis Galan

Ilycha 74 / 3

83042, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0662185291, +38 0973996543


19 Sep 2011

Professional development of business plans and investment projects in Ukraine for any business. I am Ph.D. of economic sciences. Price is negotiable.

Development of business plans


62433, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097-507-75-44


23 Mar 2011

MBS, Ltd. is an international trade, investment, and business development firm with headquarters in Ukraine. Our focus is developing new businesses in emerging markets. American and European partners and staff offer services in marketing, sales, communications, finance, and human resources.

Mediterranean Black Sea Limited

Contact Person: Anton Olff

22 Zhukovskiy Str



07 Feb 2011

15 March - 17 March
Motorfueling Complex'2011
13th International Trade Fair
Recent equipment, motor fuel and service.
Designing and construction

15 March - 17 March
11th International Trade Fair
Recovery. Refinery. Transportation. Storage

15 March - 17 March
2nd International Trade Exhibition
Gas: natural, liquefied, compressed, commercial.
Equipment and gas-saving technologies

20 May - 22 May
2nd National Exhibition-festival
Holiday: rural green, cognitive, ethnographic.
Special displays: "The Ukrainian village welcomes",
"A European village in Ukraine"

20 May - 22 May
2nd Exhibition-festival
Holiday: active, extreme, recreational, entertaining, children’s and teenagers’

25 May - 29 May
19th International Kyiv Motor Show
Cars, special and sports vehicles.
Parts, accessories and service

25 May - 29 May
Caravanning & Autotourism'2011
2nd International Exhibition
Caravans, motorhomes, leisure outfit

25 May - 29 May
8th International Exhibition
Tuning. Vintage. Classics

28 September - 30 September
7th International Freight and Commercial Vehicle Show
Trucks and commercial vehicles

28 September - 30 September
21st International Trade Fair
Service station equipment, spare parts and accessories

28 September - 30 September
Transport + Logistics'2011
14th International Trade Fair
Vehicles and transport services. Equipment. Terminals

28 September - 30 September
11th International Trade Fair
Up-to-date warehousing equipment,
installations and technologies

04 October - 06 October
Ukraine Travel Market'2011
18th International Travel Market
Tourism. Leisure. Hotels. Health

04 October - 07 October
9th International Trade Fair
Constructions, road-building, mining and special-purpose machinery, equipment and technologies

04 October - 07 October
2nd International Trade Exhibition
Equipment. Materials. Product


Contact Person: Konstantin Svistunov


04176, Рљiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 066 2001884, +38 044 3517702

Fax: +38 044 3517702


13 Dec 2010

99 & 1 is a business process outsourcing company created to help foreign entrepreneurs and companies to start and develop business in Ukraine. By means of providing a wide range of services — starting from analytics and registration procedures to personnel selection and building up business processes — a platform for quick and convenient launch of operational activity is created.

99 & 1

Contact Person: Volodymyr

12, Artema Str.

04053, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5780079


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