Znak, Trading House

20 Jun 2010 — registered

The commercial house ZNAK is specialized in the designing and manufacturing of an awards and souvenirs made of metal – marks, medals, diplomas. We are working on our own equipment. We have a flexible discount system.
For the manager consultation dial: 050 4444 981, 044 578 28 14
We will make/produce:
- corporate marks, the clamps for a tie, the cuff links;
- the medals (from 1), the orders, the brest marks;
- diplomas and certificates – graver ton and etching;
- the trinkets and the suspensions for a mobile phones;
- name tags – familiar and universal;
- the numbers, the counters, the pendents;
- the signboards and plates;
- the cups, prices and statues – the ready ones and ordered;
- the business cards and souvenir coins.

Znak, Trading House

Contact Person: Pateyuk Katerina

Boryspilska str., 9

02002, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5782814, +38 050 4444981



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