18 May 2005

ClickUkraine is a non for profit project that aims to accomplish three goals:
1. Organize fundraising activities to support the development of computer laboratories in Ukrainian Foster Homes and Invalid Centers, provide Basic Computer Literacy Workshops to teachers and students participating in ClickUkraine's program.
2. Serve as an organizing base for the charity, non for profit, private, and individual parties interested in supporting and improving the technology base in Ukraine.
3. Provide an Educational Consulting: A non-profit Program that helps Ukrainian and Russian youth to learn more about the educational process in America as well as help with the application process.
4. Provide a Scholarship Database: the most up-to-date scholarship database specifically designed for Ukrainian and Russian students who aspire to receive their education abroad.


Contact Person: Leonid Viktorovich

Kotlyarevskogo Street 7/100

Dnipropetrovsk 490081, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0562 725 0201


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