02 Jun 2010

We provide services: "Call Center" - our powerful software and hardware system can receive incoming and outgoing calls from all countries of the world. Call-center in the automatic mode will cope with 3,500 calls per hour in any direction, will take more than a hundred calls from any country. Operators with knowledge of foreign languages will serve customers all over the world, they will carry out the sale by telephone, the telephone campaign, or a presentation to customers regardless of their country of residence.
Digital Telephony Telephone companies and the population of Vinnitsa, the provision of IP-telephony services. High-Speed Internet. Applying technology ADSL, provides high-speed Internet access. Web sites of any complexity. Cash registers. Sales and service in our own service center diversified cash technology systems for supermarkets, specialized cash registers for the gas station. Automation cafes, pizzerias, restaurants, etc.


Contact Person: Oleg Trachuk

Zbyshka, 7

21016, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0432 570141, +38 067 4304741

Fax: +38 0432 670055


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