21 Feb 2018 — registered

Our company specializes in the manufacture and placement of outdoor advertising in all cities of Ukraine.

We make all types of outdoor advertising: lightboxes, stella, light volume letters, signs, banner designs.

We carry out advertising design of the exterior and interior: trade and exhibition premises, facades of buildings...

We also accept orders for large format printing and branding of cars.

We place advertisements on advertising media: billboards, video boards, city lights, trolls, scrolls, backlights, megaboards, holders, pillars, etc.

We place advertisements in the metro of Kyiv and Kharkiv: metrolays, travel walls, escalator vaults, transition branding, branding of train cars, banners, flyers and stickers in the train cars, advertising flags.

We provide services for large format printing on materials: banner fabric, vinyl, Oracal film, banner mesh, perforated film, BlueBack paper.

Post printing processing.

We offer cutting of sheet materials.

We make acrylic and plywood souvenirs.


Contact Person: Roman

Tupoleva st. 8

03136, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 0982914091


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