09 Aug 2018

Searching for IT professionals from Eastern Europe? Join the first in Eastern Europe job-hunting tool with a new business model in online recruitment industry. GetITpaid is a recruiting platform that is making hiring simple and straightforward. With job websites nowadays you are often forced to pay big bucks for job postings and tons of resumes you don’t even want or need. Now you have a choice! With GetITpaid you list jobs for free and pay only for resumes you wish to download. You can also browse through qualified candidates GetITpaid recommends based on your job description and keywords. An email introduction is triggered after the match, notifying you and the candidate. At this point, you can view additional information about the candidate and get in touch with him or her directly - via email, etc. Just the two of you talking, no one else. Resumes go for as little as $3 each. Because pay the owner of the resume, this helps us attract many more employees – even those who are not currently in the job market. If you're hiring or thinking about hiring soon, check us out and see how you can save time, get more candidates and hire a great new employee. Check it out -


Contact Person: Tanya Rusanova

Ukraine, Kiev, Gorkogo str, 24

02147, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +380504419477


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