Educational institutions in Ukraine

19 Dec 2018

Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy is one of the top medical universities in Ukraine which low tuition fees & direct admission for Indian & international students.

Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy

Contact Person: Ashish Sharma

Dzerzhinsky str., 9 Dnipropetrovsk 49044, Ukraine

49044, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: 07387384877


12 Jan 2018

Educational programms to study in Kiev Учеба в Украине.
Обучение в Европе.
Учеба в Одессе Украина.
Обучение в Киеве Украина.

Study in Ukraine

Contact Person: Yousaf Khan

Soborna Street # 3A/ 5, Office # 1 (Labirint),

54000, Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380 98 888 0087


02 Nov 2017

Охрана труда Одесса. Межотраслевой центр охраны труда и промышленной безопасности.\r\n\r\nМечтаете попасть в хорошее учебное заведение и получить хорошую востребованную специальность? В нашем учебном центре это можно сделать без труда! Курсы по охране труда Одесса - это очень качественные уроки и лучшие преподаватели Одессы. У нас после окончания учебы вы получаете диплом государственного образца и частичное трудоустройство в Украине.\r\n\r\nУ нас есть:\r\n- аттестация рабочих мест\r\n- аудит предприятия\r\n- электролаборатория\r\n- аутсорсинг

Охрана труда Одесса. Межотраслевой центр охраны труда и промышленной безопасности

Contact Person: Александр

проспект Шевченко 2

65000, Одесса, Ukraine

Tel: 048, +38 068 685 6868


02 Nov 2017

Охрана труда Одесса. Межотраслевой центр охраны труда и промышленной безопасности

Центр охраны труда и промышленной безопасности в Одессе

Contact Person: Александр

проспект Шевченко 2.

65000, Одесса, Ukraine

Tel: 048, +38 068 685 6868


17 Nov 2016

Language Arts & Education (LAE School) is a language school in Kiev city center which specializes in Russian/Ukrainian courses for foreigners. LAE School provide a variety of course types such as inidividual lessons, group lessons, business lessons and so on. Our LAE school teachers are all profesional linguistics with university degree. Prices of LAE School are with the most affordable in Ukraine and no registration fee.

Language Arts & Education LLC (LAE School)

Contact Person: Lesia Lishchuk

Reitarska Street 7b, Office 14

01030, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +380 674 69 13 22


31 Oct 2016

Our first school in Kiev was founded in 2001. Today we operate 4 schools: in Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova. In addition to language courses, we offer Study Abroad programs in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and Moldova.


Contact Person: Akhmedova Julia

Yaroslavov Val 14V, office 28 Kiev 01030 Ukraine

01030, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +380442341270


04 May 2016

Busines Community Club ― is a business club set up for the development of Ukraine as a strong European state by means of developing small and medium business and establishing civil society based on business ethics and national idea. We believe that we will manage to make Ukraine one of the most successful countries in the world where happy people live and ideas emerge that deserve recognition. We know that it is possible to live better and we want to build Ukraine everyone dreams of!

Busines Community Club

Contact Person: Fosekosh Vasil

70935 Україна, м. Львів, вул. Зелена, 109

70935, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 096 88 16 270, +38 093 212 31 31


21 Oct 2014

Experts in the field of IT-technologies today are in the labor market in increasing demand. Get a new profession to get started in this field offered by the Center IT- learning "Perspectives XXI Century". We train specialists in the following areas: C ++, C #, Java, Python, software testing, Web-programming.

IT-training center "Perspective - XXI Century"

Contact Person: Steklov Andrey

Str. Wanda Wasilewska, 7, of. 710

04116, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +3(044) 501-22-73


24 Sep 2014

Обучение в школе SpeakWell это удачное сочетание разговорного и грамматического курсов, занятия с носителями языка и лучшими украинскими преподавателями, посещения разнообразных тематических клубов и еще много-много полезного.

Speak Well - современная школа английского языка

Contact Person: Юрий

ул. Артема 1-5, оф. 701

04053, Киев, Ukraine

Tel: +38(044) 495-78-38


18 Aug 2014

Located in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, an island which lies at the cross-roads of three continents, the University has quickly become a global education centre. International in philosophy, the University hosts students from all over the world, in a multicultural learning environment, promoting friendship, cooperation and understanding. \\r\\n\\r\\nThe University of Nicosia is an independent, equal opportunity university, combining personal approach and the best elements in western education, quality standards and an international philosophy. The university serves more than 5500 students from approximately 70 countries. Highlights include: \\r\\n\\r\\n• European Accredited Degrees \\r\\n• Scholarships for international students \\r\\n• Student-to-faculty ratio of 15-to-1 and an average class size of 30 students \\r\\n• Internships and other real-world learning experiences \\r\\n• 28 Bachelor’s and 4 Master’s degrees and 1 Phd \\r\\n• Safe, residential neighborhood

University of Nicosia

Contact Person: Admin Desk

Europa Building University of Nicosia 46 Makedonitissas Avenue

CY-1700, cyprus, Ukraine

Tel: +357 22 841528


03 Jan 2014

“Ukrainian Medical Education Centre” specialize in comprehensive assistance of ambitious foreign students who aspire to Study in Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria and Lithuania.
“Ukrainian Medical Education Centre” endows specialist education services to foreign students since 2011 and has fruitfully enrolled foreign students to Ukrainian Universities and universities of Poland, Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria and Lithuania. We offer the support to all aspects of services to our clients.
Ukraine has been considered to be a best option for higher education in eastern and central Europe and has been a great place for business and tourism purpose as well.
Just like other developed countries Ukraine emphasis on higher education, because it’s helps in human and economical growth, and these two growths also helps the nation to grow.
A well developed and poly functional system in Ukraine promotes higher education to its country men and foreign students, with the help of legislative and methodological system by the Ukrainian government a National higher Education system has been established. That provides a completely new qualitative level of expert's training, raise in academic and proficient mobility of graduates, better ingenuousness, independent doctrines of teaching and raising the youth, succession of Ukraine's Universities into the world community
It is a universal truth that getting into Medical, Engineering/ Technical, Aviation and Economic Universities and Colleges has been hard and tough in all the times due to the competition and demand for unusually high grades, unreachable monetary involvements and government's unaffordable educational policies, but the number of students to study Medicine, Engineering, Aviation Business & many related programs to the contrary, is always increasing.
So far, applying for a course in universities abroad is no less than a challenge, all that you need to achieve is clarity of the goal, courses offered, which course would help in the long run and which suits the former education well and what matters the most is the way of applying for the course. In addition to all, foreign education levies heavy price tag.
To get into universities in Ukraine all you need is a good education consultant that will support you with all this and much more. “Ukrainian Medical Education Centre” is a worldwide education service provider and advisor providing a vast range of services to students who aspire to study abroad.
Our experienced and expert team advise students on educational opportunities in the top Medical, Engineering, Economic, Computer and Aviation Universities of Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria and Lithuania. In addition, we help you out with the admission process and provide guidance on career choices.
When you get enrolled in a university of your choice, we help you with the application procedure for student visa, travel and housing facilities. We will assist you with pre-departure brief to prepare you for the new college and culture you will clinch.
Ukrainian Medical Education Centre has been to seeking partners/ agents worldwide to provide better services to international students who are ambitious to Study in Ukraine. All that is desired from our partners and off shore is their professional and honest cooperation towards Ukrainian Medical Education Centre
We welcome consultants and executives from all African and Asian countries. Gazing in this current scenario, “Ukrainian Medical Education Centre” has subjugated this prospect and offers to recruit lawful, determined and ambitious students in renowned Universities of Ukraine where Medicine, Engineering & Business/ Management can be taught in English with same spirit and enthusiasm as elsewhere in Western Europe or USA but at costs that are affordable by all.
“Ukrainian Medical Education Centre” prides itself as a pioneering group of educational consultancy dedicated to raise the quality of education, intelligence and human capital.
We aim in providing eminence and all-around consultancy in education and training.
We assure that you can plan your future education, business trips and tours to Ukraine, in a systematic and organized way with our professional assistance.


Contact Person: RAJ KUMAR

Street 23 augusta,31,kharkov kharkov state ,ukraine

61001, kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: 00380982604894, 00380937116735


19 Feb 2013

Поступление в университеты Польши

Euro-study - обучение за рубежом

Contact Person: Артем

Улица Данила Галицького 19 офис 313 Ровно

35400, Ровно, Ukraine

Tel: 0632004001


19 Apr 2012

Он-лайн школа англійської мови заснована нещодавно, проте є єдиною в своєму роді на Західній Україні. Основний напрям – це індивідуальні заняття з англійської мови за допомогою програми «Skype». Ми зібрали найкращих приватних вчителів та репетиторів з багаторічним досвідом роботи, щоб надавати якісне навчання нашим студентам.

Novus. Distance English School

Contact Person: Anna


Tel: +38099 38 190 90


07 Apr 2012

We are working for enrolments of International students in Ukrainian Universities.In today’s world the urge to take admissions in Universities and Colleges is getting high among the students.


Contact Person: Nina Bazanov. S

lenin 123,23

01001, kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +380(93)129 258 2, +380(63)665 971 6


30 Mar 2012

The Centre of Foreign languages 'Universal Talk' provides wide range of services in educational, translational and interpretational fields.

Learn English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Ukrainian and Chinese languages with us! Moreover, our Speaking clubs allow you to communicate with native speakers and foreigners as well!

Universal Talk

Contact Person: Nadia Gorkova

5 Nechuya Levytskogo Str.

79013, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 098-58-54-158, +38 093-47-94-028


30 Nov 2011

Study in Medical Faculties in Ukraine. You can choose almost any faculty to study in Ukraine.

Study in Ukraine Star Consultants

Contact Person: Yousaf Khan

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380 67 8963521, +380 93 7576143


11 Sep 2011

Our company provides a wide range of educational services including teaching of English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish, as well as translating into/from these languages.


Contact Person: Alla

Henri Barbusse Str. 40, ap.28

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (044) 529-21-47 , +38 (067) 494-75-48, +38 (050) 226-87-50, +38 (093) 141-10-67


20 Feb 2011

Study in Ukraine, in A Reputed University, fast, affordable, easy and secure!


Contact Person: Sergiy Petrenko

Teligi Street



11 Dec 2010

MacMillan Language Centre was born out of the idea that learning a language in Ukraine can and should be better. Founders Ian and Alexandra MacMillan believe that language learners wherever they happen to come from deserve the absolute best from each member of the school. Having traveled extensively we understand the importance of being able to communicate with the locals and overcoming any culture shock so at MLC we do everything possible to facilitate a pleasant, productive experience.

Macmillan Language Study Centre

Contact Person: Ian Macmillan

#1-17 Shevchenko Prospect

65000, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 096 6331711, +38 048 7944244


07 Dec 2010

Children's drama studio was established in the framework of "Only good for Children" project by a private enterprise "MIROVAYA" together with the sports community "ODESSA-Basket" for the disabled.
Healthy children are engaged together with disabled, thereby they learn to perceive people with disabilities calmly. People with disabilities are able to more quickly and easily integrate into society.
Nice hall and friendly atmosphere. Children run to school, and do not want to leave.
We invite for cooperation:
need help in organizing guest performances, acception of invitations to take performances both abroad and in Ukraine.
We will also gratefully accept the gift of a minibus to transport children and the scenery.

Mirovaja, Children's drama studio

Contact Person: Tatiana Leonidovna Taraschanskaja

25 Chapaev Divizii str., 20

65078, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 048 7956813, +38 093 0235891


07 Dec 2010

We teach children theatrics, singing and choreography.

Mirovaja, Children's drama studio

Contact Person: Tatiana Leonidovna Taraschanskaja

Kosmonavtov str., 11-A

65080, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 048 7956813, +38 093 0235891


30 Oct 2010

Ban-Company Come Study In Ukrainian University

Contact Person: General Secretary

Lenin 23, Kiev, Ukraine

01001, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 093 1292582, +38 063 6659716


15 Aug 2010

Sunshine ITG provides education for children and adults in different sectors. We have an English school and a training center for giving different workshops and seminars on positive thinking, meditation, pranic healing, marketing. We cooperate with schools and teachers worldwide and constantly look for new partners.

Sunshine Itg

Contact Person: Svetlana Kravchenko

10 Karla Libknehta Str.

49000, , Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 056 7898724, +38 066 7557020


19 Apr 2010

“Study in Ukraine cheap” is a noble project designed to facilitate international students wishing to gain admission into Ukrainian universities at an affordable rate.
Ukraine offers a high quality academic programme at a very cost effective rate, with quality unadultrated.
Ranging from the health sciences, engineering and spanning across the social sciences, Ukraine is a one stop destination for anyone wishing to acquire quality education in Europe.

Whatever discipline you wish to study, “Study In Ukraine Cheap” team offers a professional and cost effective services in the following areas:

- choose the optimal university for your desired discipline and finances,
- secure and send genuine invitations letters,
- provide travelling logistics support,
- arrange for airport reception, on arrival,
- registration assistance,
- accommodation assistance at the hostels,
- general orientation.

Study In Ukraine Cheap

Contact Person: Study


61166, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 063 8030038


04 Apr 2010

Courses of Business and Spoken English. Corporate Trainings. Translations.

British Skylines

Contact Person: Dina Nechyporenko

Khreschatyk Str., 16, Off. 907

01601, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5920494, +38 067 2851576


31 Jan 2010

Fields of activity: farming, plant growing, cereal and fodder breeding, seed farming of high reproduction, livestock farming, agroecology.
We conduct seminars, conferences, provide education of personnel.

Donetsk Institute of Agro-Industrial Production under the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences

Contact Person: Ivan Zarudniak

Stadionnaya str., build. 15

86053, Peski vill., Yasinovataya region, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0623 648732

Fax: +38 0623 648732


31 Jan 2010

Preschool Academy for children aged 2 to 8. Teaching in 3 languages:
Ukrainian, English, Russian


Contact Person: Romanenko Marina

Obolonska Naberegna 11 K2

Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 3514181, +38 044 2281064

Fax: +38 044 2281065


08 Dec 2009

Volodymyrets District Collegium is an establishment that provides students with perfect level of knowledge and gives them opportunity to enter higher educational establishment. It has the best equipment to run successful studying process.

Volodymyrets District Collegium

Contact Person: Anatolii Ostapenko

Myru Street 4

34300, Volodymyrets, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0363 425139, +38 067 3127864

Fax: +38 0363 425139


29 Nov 2009

Association of Higher Learning Institution of Kharkov "Intervuz" was founded by the leading higher learning institutions.
Main activity of association INTERVUZ:
- Development of International relations in the field of education;
- Information and advertising activity relating to presentation of Ukrainian higher learning institutions abroad;
- Organization of student exchange programs and recruiting of foreigners for studies in Ukraine;
- Publishing Business.
By present INTERVUZ has sent more then 1300 foreigners from more then 30 country’s to different higher learning institutions of Ukraine from 1999-2008. INTERVUZ is the biggest association in Ukraine.
We would be really happy to see you as students of Ukraine higher learning institutions. If you are interested in obtaining education in Ukraine higher learning institutions, please contact association INTERVUZ.

Intervuz, Association of Higher Learning Institution Of Kharkov – Ukraine

Contact Person: Tasfin Al Zaman Bhuiyan

Off.127, 10, Bakulina St., [Inside The Radio Electronic University]

61166, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 063 3138541, +38 097 4108471


12 Oct 2009

Academy was open in 2009 for boys and girls from 7 to 12 years old.
A purpose of academy is teaching of rising generation to correct manners of conduct, etiquette both in family and in society, education of elegance, senses of style and own dignity.

Academy Of Good Manners For Children

Contact Person: Anastasia, Olga

Krasnooktabrskaya, 5

61000, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7865363


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