01 Oct 2009 — registered

Company "Tigres" is one of the foremost manufacturers of plush/stuffed/ toys in Ukraine. We use only safe raw materials: textiles of Ukrainian and foreign production and natural silicone for our toys stuffing. This year we became the exporter of our own production toys on European Union market. Our company is the exclusive importer on Ukrainian market goods for children such as accessories for babies and mummies of Canpol babies and LOVI polish brands, plastic toys of Wader polish-german brand and clothes for children of Coccodrillo, Mariquita, H at C polish brands and Montefiore Italian brand.


Contact Person: Dubchuk Iryna

Rivnenska Str., 78

43000, Lutsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0332 789599, +38 067 3610292

Fax: +38 0332 789592



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