Suppliers of chemicals in Ukraine

12 Jun 2020 — registered

\"Провідна компанія в Західній Україні, яка реалізує хімічні реактиви та сировину, лабораторну та хімічний посуд, лабораторне обладнання та меблі, супутню продукцію.\r\n\r\nСпівробітники нашої компанії є кваліфікованими фахівцями в галузі хімії, економіки, інформаційних та Інтернет технологій.\r\nМи пропонуємо імпортовану нами продукцію виробників Європи, Азії та Америки (хімреактиви: ізопропіловий спирт (ізопропанол), пропіленгліколь, гліцерин, цинк оксид, натрій гідроксид, катіоніт т.п.; прилади лабораторні: дистилятор, мікроскопи, манометр, рН метр, ваги торговельні, ваги електронні, ваги лабораторні т.п.; лабораторний посуд: воронки, термометри, пробірки, кювети, колби, склянки тощо ;).\r\n\r\nНашими клієнтами є виробничі, науково-дослідні, діагностичні та навчальні лабораторії, підприємства важкої промисловості і машинобудування, харчового і побутового сектора економіки, медичні установи, санепідемстанції, сільськогосподарські підприємства, будівельні компанії та ін.\"


Contact Person: Маєвський Андрій Володимирович

79066, м.Львів, вул. Грунтова, 1

79066, Львів, Ukraine

Tel: (063) 2804098


22 Jan 2020 — registered

Megachem supplies fertilizers and plant protection products to agricultural companies. Since 2002, the company has been providing comprehensive supply of chemical raw materials and food additives in Ukraine and the EU. It serves food, pharmaceutical, petroleum and metallurgical enterprises.


Contact Person: Stetsiv Maksym

Sim'i Khokhlovykh, St, 8

02000, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380501827775, +380932197377


09 Jan 2019 — registered, 09 Jan 2019 — updated

"Mega Service" is the largest provider of professional cleaning and hygiene products for HoReCa.

The company has 13 branches, its own logistics and online support for its customers.

In our assortment you can find household goods, paper products, packaging, disposable dishes, household and professional chemicals, equipment for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as many related products.

We are official distributors of TM PRO Service and we supply goods directly from the manufacturer.

The product range is regularly expanded and undergoes a rigorous selection by our experts.

Mega Service Ukraine

Contact Person: Olesia

Mahnitohirska st. 1

02094, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 80676441939


19 Sep 2018 — registered

Zink, tin, aluminium, lead, nickel, copper, alloys, solders, nichrome, fechral, ​​antimony, magnesium, chromium, chemical raw materials, etc.

Imetal, LLC

M.Grinchenko st., 4

03038, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 299-90-02, +38 050 299-90-02


11 Apr 2017 — registered

Household chemicals and detergents.

Wholesale and retail sale of cleaning chemicals and detergents of Ukrainian manufactures.

We have a wide selection of highly concentrated detergents and cleaning products for cleaning of soot and sludge, cleaning of floors of technical rooms.

We also offer paper towels, toilet paper in large rolls.

Auto chemicals.

We sell cold wax, active foam for contactless washing.

АTR Group

Contact Person: Andriy

Boryspilska st. 9 C

02099, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: (044) 2227978, (067) 249-33-31


04 Jul 2016 — registered

Horeca Kiev supplies industrial cleaning products for HoReCa sector.

Our product range includes hand towels, paper rolls, toilet rolls, chemicals for housekeeping and etc.

Horeca Kiev

Contact Person: Konul Aliyeva

Bohdan Khmelnytsky st. 16-11

01030, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 093 0505505


21 Nov 2013 — registered

Producer of material & equipment for cold galvanizing and for thermal insulation.

ZingaMetall & Co. Ltd

Contact Person: Mr. Serhiy Borislavsky

Newspaper PRAVDA avenue, 41-a, office 47

49051, Dnipro, Ukraine

Tel: +380567855151, +380563736676


03 Jun 2010 — registered

Public Joint Stock "Scientific-Production Association "Iodobrom" remains a world leading full service organization specializing in developing new products and technologies for the industry of iodine and bromine derivatives, organic-bromine and organic-iodine compounds and flame retardants.

Iodobrom, SPA, PJS

Contact Person: Vavulitsky A.S.

Zavodskaya Str, 86

96500, Saki, Crimea, Ukraine

Tel: +38 06563 23108, +38 06563 26465

Fax: +38 06563 26465


31 May 2010 — registered

The range of the production is very wide:
- the pharmaceutical substances;
- scintillation materials;
- polyphenyle ethers;
- the single crystals and the raw materials for its growing (furnace charges and activators) and also the detectors on a base of SDN and SDP brand;
- the substances that are used in sugar and concentrated milk fields.

Chemical reagents plant, Monocrystals Institute

Contact Person: Kurenkov Serhey Alexandrovich

Lenina avenue, 25

61166, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 3410552, +38 057 3410546

Fax: +38 057 7591138


31 May 2010 — registered

The company "Business aroma" is buying and selling the gadgets and the consumable materials for the air freshening and aromatizing and also the materials for aroma polygraphs and aroma souvenirs production. Also the company "Business aroma" offers the gadgets for the air freshening and aromatizing in the buildings of its own production and presents the whole complex of a aroma marketing services: aroma polygraphs, aroma souvenirs, the air aromatizing in the HoReCa places (hotel, restaurant, cafe), shops, sport clubs, the aroma maintainability of events and BTL projects, the aroma cleaning (the neutralizing and elimination of a undesirable smells/scents).


Contact Person: Ludmila Mazurkevich

Moskovskiy avenue, 23

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 3535285, +38 044 3535286


30 Jan 2010 — registered

Est Etoile Group Ltd is the Ukrainian manufacturer of natural preventive cosmetics on the basis of sulfide therapeutic mud of a gulf Sivash. The company produces:
- Cosmetic masks for hair;
- Cosmetic face packs;
- Mud applications for skin diseases prevention, preventive maintenance of bone diseases, a cellulitis preventive maintenance;
- Liquid mineral cream-soap.
Researchers have concluded, on regular application of this cosmetic there is a retardation of ageing rhythm, the cellular balance restores. The skin receives the balanced stock of nutrients.

Est Etoile Group, Ltd

Contact Person: Olga

Zhovtneva str., 14-A

08700, Obukhiv, Kiev region, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2235275


01 Oct 2009 — registered

Company Antikor Prom Service grounded in December 2007 in Lviv. Starting corrosion protection business in April 2008, as KCH Group exclusive partner in Ukraine. Activity: Selling corrosion protection materials (rubber systems, polymer coatings and linings, bricklining materials, flooring coating, ect.). Pre-history: Company Prime Gas International grounded in February 1998 in Kiev. Activity: CO2 business (whole selling CO2, technical support, equipment, transport logistic).

Antikor Prom Service, Llc

Contact Person: Hurkovskaya Elena Andreevna

Chornovola Ave., 63, Off. 700

79058, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 032 2948417, +38 050 3714454

Fax: +38 032 2948417


01 Oct 2009 — registered

Himexpo Ltd works in two directions:
1. Industrial chemistry (different kinds of glue, namely PVA variance, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC glue), silicate glue, soda ash).
2. Feed additives for farm animals (feed phosphates, pure milk substitute, aminoacids, feed yeast etc).
3. Ukrainian chemical products export (acetic acid, mineral fertilizers, ammonium sulfate etc).


Contact Person: Katarina Manita

Kiev, Zogchih Str., 26A

03194, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2760919, +38 044 2769371

Fax: +38 044 2769371


12 Apr 2009 — registered

JSC Sumykhimprom manufactures: Complex mineral fertilizers under trademark "Superagro", holding the main nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur), micro-elements (Barium, Zinc, Cuprum, Manganese, Ferrum, Molybdenum) under trademarks.
N:P:K = 15:15:15; N:P = 10:40; N:P:K = 8:24:24, Superphosphate ammoniated; Titanium Dioxide under trademark "SumTitan"; Red and Yellow Iron Oxide Pigments under trademark "SumFerro"; Dechromator for cement industry under trademark "deChromator", reducing the negative influence of 6-valent Chromium on the people; Coagulants for water treatment; coatings under trademark "Sumskie farby" etc.

Sumykhimprom, JSC

Contact Person: Yuriy Gladenko

Kharkavskaya Str. P.O.12

40012, Sumy, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0542 674298, +38 0542 683095

Fax: +38 0542 674238


01 Apr 2009 — registered

Category: Chemicals
Category: Construction supplies

Trade price in pigments for the concrete, destroying substance without explosion, foam for suppression of fires on the earth and water.

Varia-Ltd, Mosin

Contact Person: Mikhail Mosin

Sevastopolskaya street 171.

54008, Nikolaev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0512 711337, +38 067 7502037

Fax: +38 0512 584003


15 Feb 2009 — registered

The company offers diesel fuel, gasoline A-76, 92, 95, lubricants, oils, gasoline stand tickets in Ukraine.

Interoilgas, the trading oil and gas company

Contact Person: Eugeniy Aleksandrovich

Lenina sq., 1

49000, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 068 4010655


09 Dec 2008 — registered

Industrial glue, sealant, chemical production for repairs and restoration of industrial equipment.


Contact Person:

Lenina avenue 25

61166, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7581267, +38 067 4222374

Fax: +38 057 7518693


25 Nov 2008 — registered

The biggest enterprise in Ukraine specializing in production of main raw materials for glass fibre industry: glass beads, roving, chopped glass fiber, structural woven roving, glass-fibre mat, pressmaterials, glass-nylon composites, phenol-formaldehyde resins and glass-fibre plastic products.

Objedinenie Stekloplastik

Contact Person: Marina Shehareva

Promyshlennaja str., 2

93403, Severodonetsk, Lugansk region, Ukraine

Tel: +38 06452 27640

Fax: +38 06452 27640


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