Suppliers of metal products in Ukraine

19 Sep 2018 — registered

Zink, tin, aluminium, lead, nickel, copper, alloys, solders, nichrome, fechral, ​​antimony, magnesium, chromium, chemical raw materials, etc.

Imetal, LLC

M.Grinchenko st., 4

03038, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 299-90-02, +38 050 299-90-02


01 Aug 2018 — registered

Private enterprise "SpetsMetal" is a manufacturer of building materials for roofs and facades in Kharkiv.

The assortment includes decking, sandwich panels, siding, folding roofing, PVC membranes, galvanized steel, and much more.

In the market since 2000.


Contact Person: Svitlana

Plytochna st. 12

61106, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (057) 758-77-25, +38 (057) 758-66-02


24 Jan 2017 — registered

We offer:

- black-colored, stainless steel products

- pipes of all types

mesh, wire, other metal products.

Delivery throughout Ukraine.

The transport-logical services free of charge.

Cashless and cash. We offer loans and deferred payments.

UA Metall

Contact Person: Julia

Dnieper Embankment 26, of. 53

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 096-384-10-16


14 Dec 2016 — registered

We offer metal products.

We offer only high-quality metal, which fully meets standards.

We have a huge range of products for any purpose.

We sell and deliver metals not only in Kyiv but also throughout Ukraine.

We are able to sell high-quality metals at affordable prices, as we are direct suppliers of Ukrainian and Russian plants.

Metallurg Ukraine

Contact Person: Julia

Chervonotkatska st. 87

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 09787960848


13 Oct 2016 — registered

Supplier of cables and wires.


Contact Person: Ihor Bilyk

Oleksandra Dovzhenko st., building 2, office 41

03057, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380 (44) 456-08-22, +380 (99) 713-03-31


17 Mar 2016 — registered, 17 Mar 2016 — updated

Sale of copper pipes.


Contact Person: Andrei

Timothy Strokacha st. 5

03148, Kyiv, Ukraine


02 Oct 2014 — registered

Promyshlennye Technologii i Sistemy are, first of all, highly qualified specialists, experience and competence in the field of manufacturing industry.

Today, our company provides quality metalworking services.

Promyshlennye Technologii i Sistemy (Industrial Technologies and Systems LLC) was founded in 2001.

Promyshlennye Technologii i Sistemy

Contact Person: Alex

Yubileynyi, Vyrobnycha st.1

49000, Dnipro, Ukraine

Tel: 380563787917


14 Jun 2012 — registered

Wire mesh manufacturing (Proizvodstvo provoloki).


Contact Person: Oleksandr

Krasnozavodskaya 68

48019, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +380676309657


15 Nov 2010 — registered

"Yugamet Llc" - Manufacturer of aluminium casting alloys from aluminium scrap, located the Luhansk region.
"Yugamet Llc" - Ukraine-Germany company with foreign investments (specialized metallurgical company (license AB 270681 of 10.11.2005, issued by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine).
"Yugamet Llc" - has the ability to produce aluminum casting alloys, high-quality brands EN AB-45300 AlSi5Cu1Mg, EN AB-45400 ALSi5Cu3, EN AB-46000 AlSi9Cu3 (Fe) (DIN226D), EN AB-46100 AlSi11Cu2 (Fe), EN AB-46200 AlSi8Cu3 (LM24) and other brands to order.
Aluminium casting alloys have a European quality.
In the production of aluminum alloys "Yugamet Llc" according to the technological standards are refining, degassing, filtering, modifying, improving technology and such mechanical properties of aluminum, as fluidity, linear shrinkage, elongation, hardness, etc. and reduces the gas porosity.
Control of chemical composition of aluminum alloys is carried out in our own laboratory spectral analysis of metals, accredited by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine (Certificate of appraisal lab, registration number в„– 06544-2-4-17 CCM), which conducted a spectral analysis of these alloys.
"Yugamet Llc" has Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2009.
"Yugamet Llc" buy scrap aluminum, silicon metal, master alloys, fluxes.

Yugamet Llc

Contact Person: Shvachka Gennady

Volkova, 36/10

91057, Lugansk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 064 2357283, +38 095 2944101

Fax: +38 064 2357283


15 Aug 2010 — registered

JSC Dneprometiz is the largest Ukrainian plant manufacturing steel low carbon wire, welding wire, nails, bolts, nuts, chain link mesh, steel fibres.

Dneprometiz, JSC

Contact Person: Maxim Neronov

Newspaper "Pravda" Avenue, 20

49081, Dnipro, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0562 358006, +38 0562 358785

Fax: +38 0562 348222


01 Jun 2010 — registered

Purchase and sale of non-ferrous metals, alloys and powders.

Grandlada, LLC

Contact Person: Andrey

Ushinskogo str., 40

03151, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2437646, +38 050 9820402

Fax: +38 044 2437646


13 Nov 2009 — registered

Our enterprise is interested in cooperation with you in the sphere of metal working by cutting the pieces (turning, minor milling work).
Our company has been providing the service of metal working for seven years. Its stabilized growth of production volume is 10-15% per year. At the moment it has clients from different parts of Ukraine.
Nowadays our company can propose qualified personnel, reasonable cost of standard hour (for the Customer from 6€ to 8€ per hour), high labor productivity.
Enterprise has in its possession:
- universal screw-cutting lathes (diameter of work piece over toolbox is 200mm, over foundation slab until 600mm., distance between centers until 1500mm.);
- lathes with CNC (diameter of work piece over toolbox is 200mm, over foundation slab until 400mm., distance between centers until 1000mm.);
- six-spindle automatic lathe (diameter of work part is until 40mm., work piece length is until 180mm);
- minor milling sawing equipment.
All the equipment meets technical standards. Our enterprise proposes:
obligatory outgoing inspection of produced goods quality; fast solving technical, production and financial problems providing the service on time reasonable prices

Kyrnis, Private Firm

Contact Person: Sir Oleksandr Kyrnis

4/16 G. Hotkevycha

36040, Poltava, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0532 694737, +38 050 7530583


07 Oct 2009 — registered

"RIN Ltd" is a steel-processing works dealing with production of metal structures and various metal products.
We produce metal structures, various metal goods, punched sheets, containers for domestic wastes, road fences, grid flooring, break-elongated sheets and etc.
Our company has been working on the metal processing market since 1993.
Our company is located in Zaporozhye city, Ukraine. There are a lot of metal producing giants in our region.
That is why metal structures’ production according to your technical specifications and drawings executed by “RIN” Ltd will be competitive, mutually beneficial and highly qualitative.

Rin Ltd, Llc

Contact Person: Tkachuk Andrey

Sewernoe Schosse 20E

69600, Zaporozhia, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0612 128298, +38 050 3418918

Fax: +38 0612 128300


04 Oct 2009 — registered

1. Nonferrous-metals industry: manufacture of secondary aluminum casting alloys.
2. Manufacturing engineering:
- manufacture of construction equipment, non-self-propelled pump dredges;
- manufacture of optional equipment and spare parts for agricultural and railway sectors.

Mekhanicheskiy Zavod Ltd

Contact Person: Vasiliy Vasiyevich Ablov

Mykolayivske Shosse, 5th km

73034, Kherson, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0552 411700, +38 097 5519122

Fax: +38 0552 411700


04 Oct 2009 — registered

Our company manufactures zinc, tin and lead alloys (bar, rolled metal) and imports metallurgical raw materials, nonferrous metals and alloys (in stock).

Arsenal Ltd

Contact Person: Sales Department

40-A 6go Sentyabrya St.

85113, Konstyantinovka, Donetsk Region, Ukraine

Tel: +38 06272 20998, 20883

Fax: +38 06272 20998, 20883, 21929


01 Oct 2009 — registered

"Progress JSC" company specializes in production of high-quality sensitive moldings from gray iron for motor-car construction, electrical industry and machine-building.
The large production list of the ornamental art castings covers street and lighting poles, taps, benches, fountains, fences, etc., as well as iron casting for the sewerage shafts.

Progress JSC

Contact Person: Igor Voidilo

Tolbuhina st. 135

65000, Odesa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 5192673, +38 067 9940931


01 Oct 2009 — registered

Stalmira is one of the major Ukrainian steel trading companies. Our company has professionals who have been in the business for decades. Among our customers are large construction companies. We have very strong business relationships with them. This lets us become their main suppliers. We work with major steel mills in order to get the best price for our customers. Our trading team consists of professionals who do consulting and trading of carbon steel and alloys.
Main business of Stalmira is rebar and large diameter pipe. Also we sell Steel Angles, Steel Bars, Equal Angles, Unequal Angles, Beams, Flange Beams, Columns And Beams, Economical Flange I - Beams, Normal Flange I Beams, Special Economical I - Beams, Wide Flange Beams HEA, Wide Flange Beams HEA, Wide Flange Beams HEB, Wide Flange Beams HEM, Wide Flange Beams Acc. To Jis, Channels, C - shapes, Economical Channels acc. to JIS, Economical Channels, Hot Rolled Channels, Billets, Blooms, Concast Billets And Blooms, Rectangular Blooms, Slabs, Wire Rods.
Our main goal is customer satisfaction! We concentrate on making long term business relationships with our customer providing superior quality service and product. We export and import on FOB, DDU, EXW, CIF, DAF basis. Please feel free to fill out an enquiry in or call to the number on the enquiry page.

Stalmira, Llc

Contact Person: Valera

Zhmerenska 36

03148, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 4079697


01 Oct 2009 — registered

Kremenchuk Steel Works manufacturers heavy and medium-size railway car castings (side frame, bolster, automatic coupler SA-3, coupler yoke, six-wheel bogie model 18-9043, the framework of four-wheel bogie of 18-100, the body of draft gears PMK-110A and RT-120, brake beam, etc.), products for automobile industry (the case of KrAZ heavy-duty lorry), and other different cast parts per customer drawings.

Categories: Casting And Molding, Metallurgy

Kremenchuk Steel Works Stockholding Company

Contact Person: Vladimir Litvinenko

Prikhodko Str., 141

39621, Kremenchug, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0536 760919, +38 0536 760916

Fax: +38 0536 760919


30 Sep 2009 — registered

"Mesh West" - the company whose activity is the manufacture and sale of:
- mesh in assortment (Chain Link Fence, Welded Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh Panels, Expanded Metal, Black Wire Cloth and others);
- wire Mesh Fence;
- wire mesh of all kinds, types and diameters (low carbon wire, hot dipped galvanized wire, black annealed Wire);
- perforated sheet;
The basic competitive advantages "Mesh West":
- High quality mesh, wire and other products
- Low prices
- Wide nomenclature of the products offered
- Guaranteed delivery of products
- Technical consultations.

Categories: Construction supplies, Metallurgy

Mesh West

Contact Person: Maksym Shersten

St. Nikitina, 3

58000, Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0372 523439, +38 050 6907600


10 Sep 2009 — registered

Whole and retail trade with tubes, metal rolling, fasteners, energy saving lamps for home and industrial use, energy saving heating systems, home and international freight and passenger traffic, export/import operations.

RTK Trade

Contact Person: Rtk Trade

Kirgizskaya Str. 19

61105, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 739 00 39, +38 057 739 00 33

Fax: +38 057 739 00 33


12 Apr 2009 — registered

Hot-dip galvanizing plant makes metallic constructions, conducts the method of the hot-dip galvanizing, what allows to protect metallic constructions are ready from atmospheric, aquatic and ground corrosion.

First Ukrainian Hot-Dip Galvanizing Plant

Contact Person: Yuriy Karpinskyy

Promyslova str.7A

82400, Lviv region, Stryi, Ukraine

Tel: +38 03 254 70471, 80504303838

Fax: +38 03 245 70676


01 Mar 2009 — registered

Category: Construction
Category: Metallurgy

Kyiv Plant of Aluminum Building Constructions offers aluminium profiles of different overcut and configurations; more than 700 names of goods. All production is certified and meets European standards.
The plant presses using standard profiles: wire; rod; angle bars; square, triangular and round pipes of different size. We produce the following products using nonstandard profiles with figured cross overcut: doors, windows, showcases, facades, winter gardens, office separate partitions, light boxes, balcony fences, stops, trade kiosks, greenhouses, and such consumer goods as curtain rods, staircases, stepladders, etc. We offer production of complex nonstandard windows in accordance with client’s drafts. The production of the plant is durable, temperature-resistant, do not evaporate deleterious substances. Powder enamel and anodic coating.

Kyiv Plant of Aluminum Building Constructions

Contact Person: KZACK


Drovary, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 9454501, +38 044 9454382

Fax: +38 044 9454579


01 Mar 2009 — registered

Meta Group Ukraine company is a Ukrainian manufacturer offering a wide range of metal working services (milling, turning, bending, pressing, welding, galvanizing, painting). The company also sells metal products (racks, metal lockers, etc.)

Meta Group Ukraine

Contact Person: Aleksander

Shutova str., 16

03067, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5878379, +38 093 1967146

Fax: +38 044 3511421


25 Feb 2009 — registered

Storage Solutions company. Optimal solutions for warehouse tasks.
Pallet storage racks (for pallets), shelf storage racks.
All range of services in this area:
- warehouse measurement;
- projecting;
- draft work;
- selection of optimal solution;
- delivery of equipment;
- installation of equipment;
- warranty and post-warranty service;
- wide range of loading machines: carts, lift-trucks, loaders, trucks;
- rack systems of all types: shelf, pallet, drive-in, cantilever, gravitational, mezzanine, mobile.
Installation, delivery. Turn-key projects.
Good quality, favourable prices, correct approach.

Storage Solutions

Contact Person: Valery

Mira 18 str., office 43-a

Kherson, Ukraine

Tel: +38 063 8362146


31 Dec 2008 — registered

- towel rails made of stainless steel;
- rails made of stainless steel and other facade constructions;
- cascades made of stainless steel;
- geyser made of stainless steel;
- safety rails for automobiles;
- individual constructions


Contact Person: Stanislav Kerekesha

str.Lenina 1

20761, Budky vil., Ukraine

Tel: +38 0473 346263, +38 063 3900066

Fax: +38 0473 346263


11 Dec 2008 — registered

Our company deals with the exporting of different kind of steel, tubes, profiles, high quality steel etc. Also we are producing other metal items on the base the customer drawings (for example, buckets for excavator, grabs for wood etc.).

Avliga-D Ltd.

Contact Person: Peter A.Serko

Vysokovoltna, 10/18

49107, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 056 7766002

Fax: +38 056 2324122


09 Dec 2008 — registered

Producing and exporting parts from aluminium and steel alloys for automotive industry, agricultural, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic equipment worldwide.
Manufacturing of parts by means of die and gravity casting and steel investment casting. Mechanic treatment (machining) is available.

Talko, Ltd - Tavrian casting company

Contact Person: Ievgenii Zhelezniakov

4, Kakhovskoe highway

72312, Melitopol, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0619 433865

Fax: +38 0619 431176


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