Find IT talent

25 May 2018

What is Find IT talent?

Find IT talent is IT talent sourcing company that helps you find developers from Ukraine and Russia who are willing to relocate in a min timeframe and with a min budget.

Find IT Talent leverages recruitment marketing to find passive IT talent and posts to local paid job boards to find active job seekers.

> Find IT Talent LLC is official provider of tech talent to Do IT Relocation LLC (see above), one of the leading recruitment and relocation company in Ukraine.

Why FindITtalent?

A recruitment agency in Ukraine typically charges 12%-15% of gross yearly salary of Ukrainian developer. Freelance recruiter can cost you up to $3000 a month. Find IT talent can find you developers for EUR150+

Please note that Find IT Talent is not a substitute for recruitment companies, but it allows you to significantly reduce the recruitment budget by providing you access to developers from Ukraine and Russia.

> Visit and Boost your IT talent pool from Ukraine and Russia

Company details:

Headquarters: Kiev, Ukraine
Company type: Partnership
Specialties: IT talent sourcing and Recruitment Marketing

Find IT talent

Contact Person: Olena Mishakova


Tel: +380504467420


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