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11 Jan 2017

JobsUkraine is an IT recruitment agency located in Lviv, Ukraine. We can find the best people to fill a large variety of IT job vacancies in and outside Ukraine. Look for Junior/Middle/Senior IT talents. We do Human resources, HR, Consulting, Outstaff, IT Recruitment: Programmers (Java, C#.Net, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, IOS, Android, C/C++, QA, DevOps, FrontEnd, UI/UX, MsSQL, MySQL, Oracle) Territory: Central, Southern and Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Baltics, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, USA.

IT Recruitment, Human resources, Software, Recruitment, Outstaffing, HR.


Contact Person: Trevor Knight

str. Fedkovycha 60a, Lviv, Ukraine

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +380 639948428


14 May 2017

DO IT RELOCATION is an IT recruitment and outsourcing services provider.

We have qualified staff of consultants with a headquarter in Kiev, UA.

Since 2015, DoIT's talent solutions helping Fortune 500 and mid-market companies across America, Europe and Asia to achieve and maintain their competitive advantage by the recruitment of superior IT professionals from Eastern Europe.

Among our clients are Ericsson, Accenture, Samsung, Accelerance.

DoIT partners with more than 50 clients. Every week, we speak with over 100,000 IT professionals about their key initiatives and career goals. Our connections within the IT workforce provide us with a real-world pulse on what works, how to improve IT operations and how to assemble the best people to help your business achieve its goals.

IT Recruitment & Relocation - A quick and efficient Talent solution will bring you the best IT professionals on-site.  We guide candidates in every aspect of the visa and relocation process to ensure the successful onboarding  of your new team member.

IT Outsourcing - In response to the challenge faced by many of our clients to quickly build a cost-effective and flexible software development team in Ukraine, we offer IT outsourcing solutions that capitalise on the availability of experienced & highly qualified specialists in Eastern Europe. From our delivery center in Kiev, we can source, establish and host your development team. 

Services: IT Recruitment, IT Relocation, IT Outstaffing, IT Outsourcing.

Do IT Relocation

Contact Person: Tetiana Rusanova

Velyka Vasylkivska 48

01004, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +380504419477


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