Suppliers of timber and wood in Ukraine

30 Oct 2019 — registered

Наша компания имеет большой опыт в производстве  офисной и домашней мебели. В наличии большой выбор офисной мебели.


04212, Киев, Ukraine

Tel: 0961708647


07 Jul 2019 — registered

Изготовление оборудования для термической обработки древесины.
Изготовление погонажных изделий из термодерева: террасная, палубная, фасадная доска; брус, фальш-брус; комплектующие для бани, сауны и заборов.


Contact Person: Андрей

Связистов, 15

43000, Луцк, Ukraine

Tel: +380669440000, +380936594849


11 Jun 2015 — registered

We offer timber and wood: boards, pellets etc.


Contact Person: GM Igor

Chornovola st. 25

01135, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380674422360


26 Jan 2012 — registered

Our company is looking for new partners for supplying timber products, such as railway sleepers, boards, furniture details, parquet details mainly made of oak according to your demands and needs at the reasonable price.

In case you are interested in our products, please send us your specification, conditions of delivery.

P.S. We also can offer you direct contracts with State Forestry of Ukraine, official state authorized supplier of timber in Ukraine.


Contact Person: Olexander

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 066 7229800


05 Nov 2011 — registered

We are a producer and exporter company of sawn timber in Ukraine (oak, pine) kiln dried or air dried.


Tatyana Sopina


Contact Person: Tatyana Sopina


65009, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +380 48 7715605, +380 67 2773152


12 Sep 2011 — registered

Wood processing: windows, doors, parquet.


Contact Person: Valery

Vostochnaya 9

69015, Zaporizhia, Ukraine

Tel: +38 061 7013937, +38 061 7013937


06 Mar 2011 — registered

07 Mar 2011

Ecodrevo is a young company that is characterized by constructive approach to business conduct.

It has the most professional Ukrainian craftsmen between its creative personnel.

Each one of them is well-experienced and has a special style.

All our products are hand-made.

We use exceptional pollution-free European wood.

Ecodrevo Ltd

Contact Person: Dmitriy

av.Kosiora 116a suit 101

61115, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 3009033

29 Mar 2010 — registered

The company "Intershpon" works in the market of finishing, constructional, building materials on the basis of natural wood since 1994.
Our specialization: import-export, wholesale and retail trading of sliced veneer, plywood, saw-timbers, boards, various molded materials and other materials of domestic and foreign manufacture.
Our basic consumers are: furniture industry, designers of interiors, the joiner's enterprises, ship-building wharfs, the building companies.
We are very interested in co-operation with manufacturers and consumers of these materials in Ukraine and other countries.
Our company is pleased to offer you to consider decorative veneer deliveries possibility in the following specification:
Oak sliced, production of Ukraine, grade Рђ/РђР’.
Quantity – 50 000 m2 per month.
Thickness – 0,57 mm.
Length – 2,1 -/- 3,2 m, facade (80 % of lot).
Length – 0,70 -/- 2,0 m, furniture (20 % of lot).
Width – 11 cm and up.
Radial and half radial structure – 90% of lot.
Tangential structure – 10% of lot.
Moisture content – 12-14%
Price on EXW terms:
- facade veneer 1,30 Р„ / m2;
- furniture veneer 0,50 Р„ / m2.
Also we propose poplar or alder or aspen or pussy willow veneer.

Category: Furniture
Category: Timber and wood processing

Intershpon Ltd.

Contact Person: Artem Kolomoiets

Heroyiv Stalinhradu, 171

49057, Dniepropetrovs'k, Ukraine

Tel: +38 056 3711861, +38 067 6163501

Fax: +38 056 3711861


10 Jan 2010 — registered

We saw and export pine 1st-3rd grade.

Ukrexporter Llc

Contact Person: Andrew

Yamchitskogo 7

65012, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 067 7630420


04 Oct 2009 — registered

Production of europallets and fire wood for fireplaces.

Pce Terts Ltd

Contact Person: Alexander

Kievskaya, 18/1

21009, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0432 539106, +38 067 4305836

Fax: +38 0432 538217


04 Oct 2009 — registered

Our company produces board lumber, timber.

Novyi Proekt PE

Contact Person: Stanislav Nikolayevich

P.O.Box в„–29

39600, Kremenchug, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 6980002


30 Sep 2009 — registered

Westwood is a young but perspective enterprise that produces such a variety of wooden goods: wooden prefabricated houses, wooden flooring (engineered and solid), shaped square logs (for wall construction), wooden windows, entrance and balcony doors.


Contact Person: Ms Ivanna Omelchuk

17 Sholom-Aleikhema Str

58008, Chernivtsy, Ukraine

Tel: +38 037 2559488

Fax: +38 037 2559497


30 Sep 2009 — registered

10 Dec 2008 – registered

Manufacturer of doors, furniture facades, furniture, stairways, parquet, sawmills.

Categories: Furniture, Timber & Wood Processing


Contact Person: Rotan Aleksey

Krasnooktyabr'skaya 7a

61012, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7121720, +38 050 6416490

Fax: +38 057 7120810


18 Jul 2009 — registered

Artel ltd producing CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster, Unique CNC woodworking four-sider planer Uzor (Pattern), CNC laser cutting machines ArtLaser, membrane vacuum presses MVP-2512...

Category: Timber, Wood processing
Category: Machinery

Artel Ltd

Contact Person: Brevda Alexandr

Chkalova Str., 20

54017, Nikolaev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0512 593219, +38 066 7945204


12 Jun 2009 — registered

EVROEXIM Company produces high-quality saw-timbers practically of any complication of sawcut, firewood for fireplace and also firewood for kindle.
We work at the woodwork industry since year 2003. A basic type of our enterprise activity is the primary processing of wood: hardwood (beech, oak, hornbeam) and conifer (whitewood) of ecologically clean Transcarpathian region. There is modern woodworking machinery mounted in our enterprise, made by the world leader in the sphere of production of woodworking machine-tools called Wood-Mizer.
Our oversea partners are various companies of Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Poland.
We still continue to develop, realize new projects, master the production of new products. Besides, in the near future we are planning to start a line of briquette production from sawdusts and straw planned.

Evroexim Company

Contact Person: Nadezhda Sofilkanich

Krasnoarmejska Str., 29 A

89600, Mukachevo, Transcarpathian Region, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 5198496, +38 050 5736933

Fax: +38 031 3157026


26 Feb 2009 — registered

Forestry and other forest details.

Barskiy Dom

Contact Person: Alexey Grigorevich Bahtin

Luganskaya dist., T. Kremennaya

92900, Kremennaya, Ukraine

Tel: +38 06454 32579, +38 050 4701759

Fax: +38 06454 32579


16 Dec 2008 — registered

Joint-stock company "Fanplit" – one of the oldest enterprises in Kiev.
We produce and export to the world market such products as:
- plywood by thickness 4-22mm, and format 1525x1525mm, made of birch, alder-tree & aspen-tree;
- fireproof plywood by thickness 4-22mm, and format 1525x1525mm, 1830x1525, 3050x1525.
- fiberboard’s (MDF) by thickness 2.5–6.0 mm and format 1220 x 2440 and other.
- rotary cut veneer and bent glued blanks, decorated on laser equipment.

Fanplit, JSC

Contact Person: engineer of department of sales Opanasenko A.

str. Fanerna, 1

02105, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 5591211, +38 044 5590095

Fax: +38 044 5590095


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