Suppliers of industrial supplies in Ukraine

05 May 2017

Здравствуйте! Вас приветствует "Кулиндоровский Индустриальный Комбинат" наша комапния производит:
-Плиты Перекрытия
-Дорожные Плиты
-Керамзит и др.
В неограниченном количестве. По ценам от производителя. Будем рады тесному сотрудничеству, заходите на наш сайт.

Кулиндоровский Индустриальный Концерн

Contact Person: Kulindorov

Старокиевская дорога, 10\а

65025, Одесса, Ukraine

Tel: 0(487) 567226


04 Jul 2016

Horeca Kiev suppliers industrial cleaning products for HoReCa sector. Our product range includes hand towels, paper rolls, toilet rolls, chemicals for housekeeping and etc.

Horeca Kiev

Contact Person: Konul Aliyeva

Bogdan Khmelinskiy 16-11

01030, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +380930505505


18 Oct 2015

Megatool is a manufacturer of hand tools and metal furniture in Ukraine. Thanks to the wide list of the modern equipment we can carry out different orders on metal working.
We produce different types of shovels, rakes, ice axes, secateurs, rakes and others. Second area of activity is the forged furniture from metal.
We invite trade and manufacturing enterprises to cooperation.
Also the company can produce any goods from metal according to customer's requirement. Products with customer's trade mark or special details according to your drawings.


Contact Person: Andrii

Kharkiv Kotlova str

61002, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380950474953, +380950474953


20 Aug 2015 is a manufacturer of waste separation bins, portable toilets and tilt trucks.


Contact Person: Roman

Kashtanovaya, 14

49000, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +380633413803, +380671097260


21 Nov 2013

cold galvanizing, zinc covering, metallization, ХОЛОДНОЕ ОЦИНКОВАНИЕ оцинкование

Zinga Metall Europe

Contact Person: Mrs. Lajko Tanja

Donetskoe shosse 1 office 42

49080, Dnepropetrovsk , Ukraine

Tel: +380679301163, +380999561662


16 Oct 2012

Продажа конвейерной ленты, стыковка конвейерных лент, производство шевронных лент, изготовление и футеровку конвейерных барабанов и роликов, обрезинивание роликов и металлоизделий.


Lenina str, 40

61166, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (057) 758 16 93, +38 (050) 400 85 12


29 Mar 2012

LTD \"Istrim\" is the developer, the manufacturer and the supplier of the equipment for GPS control and navigation with software for personal and corporate GPS monitoring.

Istrim Ltd.

Contact Person: Oksana

14 B, Bratislavskaya str.

02156, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0442323440, +3 0675485380


13 Apr 2011

OA NGO Teploavtomat for more than 25 years, develops and manufactures automation equipment for process control systems in the metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical, coke, aviation, mechanical engineering industry, in particular:

1) Control Units BEECH cranes for installation on the drive on-off valves (ball valves, rotary valves) and other rotary devices signaling the end positions
BEECH - for DN 50 to 200mm;
CBO-2 - DN 250 to 1400mm;
BUK-3 - for DN 250 to 1400mm, working pressure from 0.6 MPa to 16 MPa, and also have the opportunity to work with a block of limit switches BKV1.

2) Blocks BKV1 limit switches for remote electrical signaling and the local (visual) signaling the end positions of the closing of ball valves with diameters of conditional passes control from 50mm to 1400mm.

3) Reglyator differential pressure type RPD-3/120-1 designed to maintain a specified difference (pressure difference) over the oil and gas
- Differential pressure transmitters type SPD-10/120 for switching electric circuits when the set point differential pressure controlled environment (similar to the company В«HoneywellВ»)

4) Amplifiers Electric-type UEG.S to control hydraulic actuators is proportional to the electrical input signal their characteristics at the level of foreign analogs firms MOOG, Rexroth; 5) Mechanisms executive pneumatic type IIP to move the regulating and shut-off and the regulatory bodies in the systems automatic and remote control;

6) Hydraulic jacks DW-10 and DW-20.

OA NGO TeploAvtomat

Contact Person: Dmitry Lankevich

Kirova st., 38


Fax: +38 0577 328743


08 Jan 2011

Production and delivery of commercial, technological, refrigeration equipment for restaurants, bars, cafes, canteens, shops; cold storage facilities, refrigerated warehouses, supply and installation of various refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.


Contact Person: Dmitriy

Karpenka Karogo str., 47

69000, Zaporozhzhie, Ukraine

Tel: +38 061 7011417


07 Dec 2010

Delivery, sales, installation and servicing of gas equipment (Elster household equipment).

Fakel Mukachevo

Contact Person: Nikolai Pauk

132/K, Ivana Franka Str.,

89600, Mukachevo, Ukraine

Tel: +38 095 2608073, +38 050 6731720


02 Sep 2010

17 Nov 2008 – registered

The company "Magnetic & Hydraulics Technologies" (MHT) produces high quality magnetic and high-tension separators. Our roll magnetic separators "Turkenich" allows for making the highest degree of the purification of quartz sand, upgrading of pegmatite, zircon, kyanite. The barrier magnetic separators "Turkenich" are intended for dry treatment of mineral sands (ilmenite, rutile, staurolite), manganese, pegmatite, garnet and other ores. The MHT produces drum magnetic separators, corona – electrostatic and triboelectrical separators. We also perform investigative work on enrichment of raw material as requested by client.

Magnetic & Hydraulics Technologies (Mht)

Contact Person: Rudytskyi Arthur

Belgorodskaya St. 10, Dnepropetrovsk, 49005, Ukraine

49005, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 056 3765116, +38 067 9809919

Fax: +38 056 3765116


24 Jun 2010

The production and selling of the trade equipment, the maintenance. The mission of the private enterprise "Koral" is to create the qualitative trade equipment for the successful realization of ideas and projects of our partners. We always work on our quality development as well as giving services.


Contact Person: Serhey Pryhodko

Hertsena str., 1a, off. 7a

58022, Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0372 530453, +38 050 9008491


05 Jun 2010

Ukrainian Service Private Company "NAA" is looking for partners to co-operate on trading and placing of orders of industrial production and component parts to produce using Ukrainian productive capacity.

We can provide you with:
- Advertising on Ukrainian market,
- Sales of your products,
- Technical service of your equipments in Ukraine,
- Ukrainian industrial market survey and information about Ukrainian products and product demands.

We are operating in these fields:

1. Procurement, engineering setup and service of any automatic and automated equipment, robotics and any electric installations.

2. Development and modification of automated equipment control.

3. Mending and renovation of measuring instruments and measuring system.

4. Implementation of computerized process control, computerized - production control system, computerized production-control procedure, computerization of any manufacturing.

5. Checking and control of enterprise’s ecological reliability and safety. Purification system refinement and implementation of advanced technology of cleaning system.

Implementation of a new recycling of wastes or materials recovery system on the basis of available equipment which can be improved also, if necessary.

We can also provide an equipment, maintenance check, performance check, equipment operation test, equipment qualification.


Contact Person: Alex Nikolaenko

Bogenko 13

01134, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2292240, +38 050 3875608

Fax: +38 044 2292240


03 Jun 2010

Engineering, the equipment, modernization and building of the enterprises of the food-processing industry.


Contact Person: Vadym Korniyenko

16-B, Akhmatovoi Str.

02068, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380 44 496 3702

Fax: +380 44 496 3703


01 Jun 2010

Concentrate meter, salt meter, Sugar meter, alcohol meter, wort meter, moisture, oil, sulfuric acid, caustic soda, nitric acid calcium.


Contact Person: Saparov A.I.

Zelena str., 149

79035, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 032 2446275, +38 050 3704644

Fax: +38 032 2446275


01 Jun 2010

Main activities: manufacture and repair of pumping equipment for oil production, supply of equipment for oil and gas.

Ukr-Lend, Research Institution

Contact Person: Khirnyj V.V.

Sumskaja str., 1, off.301

61057, Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7313529, +38 057 7311260

Fax: +38 057 7313529


01 Jun 2010

LLC "Elektroizmeritel" produces and exports electro-meter devices (testers) for general use and specialized for power generation, railways, oil and gas industry; boards dispatcher; sets of instruments and ancillary equipment for physics education schools; probes, battery and the instrument clusters to the car "Lanos". Production proved reliability and durability in the highest standards of quality. The products are certified in the "UkrSEPRO", GOST-R. The company is certified by the System ISO9001.


Contact Person: Grechko S.N.

Pobedy str., 10

10003, Zhitomyr, Ukraine

Tel: +38 412 225453, +38 412 413062

Fax: +38 412 224538


01 Jun 2010

A wide range of metal working on machine tools with numerical program control.

Instrumental Mechanical Plant

Contact Person: Serhiy

Dydyka, 63

53211, Nikopol, Ukraine

Tel: +38 05662 51212, +38 068 4455270

Fax: +38 05662 51212


01 Jun 2010

Energopolis Ltd. specializes in construction and reconstruction of energy supply, engineering services, the introduction of means of measurement, control and regulation. Integrated automation of various production processes, i.e. the development and implementation of process control from the supply of equipment and software development.

Energopolis Ltd.

Contact Person: Stanislav Dubina

Chervona St., 21-F

49101, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel: +38 056 3757264, +38 044 5782850

Fax: +38 056 3757264


01 Jun 2010

More than 14 years of experience in solving scientific and tehnological, designing, engineering problems allow Materials Research Centre to produce sophisticated and precision laboratory and industrial equipment. Materials Research Centre also offers the wide spectrum of steel constructions and wares in different styles, ranging from the classic to the Hi-tech, made of modern high-quality materials: polished stainless steel, black metal with polymeric coverage, metal composite materials, aluminium, safe architectural glass, plastic, polycarbonate, composites and others materials for forging or casting. The company applies new production technologies adopting European and world experience and new R&D studies.

Materials Research Centre

Contact Person: Anna

Krgiganovskogo Str.3

03680, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2371441, +38 044 5024149


31 May 2010

Concern "METALOKERAM" - Scientific-Production Materials Research Company specializes in research and applied materials science. Main activities:
- Conducting research on the development of scientific bases and
technological realization of the production of powders, materials and products on their
based methods of powder metallurgy and materials processing pressure;
- Production of standard and special (controlled granular structure) powders
cobalt, nickel, tungsten, molybdenum, materials and products made of them;
- Production of standard and special powders of tungsten carbide and, based on their mixtures of hard-VK3-VK20;
- Production of standard and special carbide inserts, dies, blanks, inserts, blanks, insertion toolings, matrices and base plates for the synthesis of diamonds;
- Production of standard and special tungsten-based mixtures of titanium and chromium with nickel, molybdenum, chromium ligaments;
- Production of parts and components for the connector node and communication of
oily high-voltage indictors of voltage transformers and switch currents;
- Production mechanochemically activated non-segregated standard and special connections for the production of diamond tools;
- Production of highly wear-products from hot-pressed special
ceramics based on silicon nitride, oxide and nitride, aluminum for responsible units and petrochemical equipment;
Production of sintered-forming non-magnetic elements pressed ropes of tungsten carbide KTNH 70 for pressing iron in magnetic fields;
- Production of carbide and titanium diboride, titanium double-chromium for
equipment electronic equipment, resistance welding, porodorazruschayuschego,
mining equipment and technology;
- Fulfillment of orders for the creation and production of materials and products of them with special properties and appointments.


Contact Person: -

Sluzhebnaja str., b. #3

03680, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 4246231, +38 04598 51404

Fax: +38 044 4243431


31 May 2010

Pre-insulated and polyurethane foam polyethylene pipes and PE-RT elements for heat and hot water supply networks;
-Insulating cylinders, semi-cylinders, and plates of basalt fibers;
-Polyethylene tanks (capacities) of water supply, water wells, sewage, telecommunications, tanks, automatic plant biological treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater, sewage pumping stations.


Contact Person: Roman Chygura

Kirova str., 38

61001, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7562322

Fax: +38 057 7518185


29 Apr 2010

Tekon Ltd. works in the field of automated process management and industrial control systems. It is a distributor of leading European industrial equipment manufacturers: Sterling SIHI GmBH, SPP pumps, PEKOS a.s., Star Line, Schiebel, Rotork (Remote Control), E+H, Krohne, EMERSON, ABB, MMG, AUTEL. Tekon Ltd. provides service and support for pump and test equipment, which includes putting into operation, commissioning and testing, technical audit, technical expertise, repairing services, maintenance etc.

Tekon Ltd.

Contact Person: Tanya

Zhelyabova Str.8/4, Office 303

03057, Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2776601


14 Mar 2010

Wood pyrolysis, charcoal producing, tires processing and utilization, wood and waste of wood processing equipment - Charcoal Pyrolysis carbonization, Charcoal Production, Charcoal equipment, Charcoal kilns, pyrolysis furnace, wood pyrolysis.

Greenpower, Ltd

Contact Person: Ivan Malik

Gagarina Ave., 20

61000, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0577 525221, +38 0577 574124

Fax: +38 0577 324866


01 Mar 2010

CJST “Svetotekhnika” manufactures lighting equipment since 1965 and it is one of the largest producers in Ukraine. Recently we have set on the radical renovation of assortment and range of production, implementation of power-saving solutions.
The main products are industrial luminairs, street and park luminairs, hardened and miner luminairs, household luminairs, light-emitting diods and fixtures of public appointment. More catalogue information you can find on the company web site.
CJST “Svetotekhnika” introduces new IT-technologies and new forms of work with consumers and partners, expands cooperation with foreign firms and manufacturers.
We would welcome the opportunity to cooperate with new dealers and potential customers for the further collaboration.

Svetotekhnika, CJSC

Contact Person: Anna Bedrik

Southern Highway Str., 74 B

69008, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Tel: +38 061 2849951

Fax: +38 061 2849951


01 Feb 2010

Pipes insulated by polyurethane foam used for heat networks, heating mains, hot water supply systems. Manufacture, delivery, assembly, sale.
- steel pipes insulated by polyurethane foam and heat network elements Г? 25 to 1200 mm;
- polyurethane foam semicylinders for pipeline (� 25-1200mm) with temperature interval – 40 to +150 C;
- pumping equipment;
- stop valve;
- counters
The products are manufactured in accordance with European (EN253, EN 488, EN 448) and Ukrainian (ДСТУ 34-204-88-02-98, ГСТУ 34.015-2000) standards.
Lowest prices in the western region.


Contact Person: Olexandr

D. Apostola str., 7

49007, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 063 6813868, +38 067 9263757

Fax: +38 03231 51600


01 Feb 2010

Mechanical processing of metal, manufacture of components and gears at our own production facilities made from customer drawings.


Contact Person: Oksana

Zolochevskaya str., 1

61177, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 3721381, +38 066 2292277

Fax: +38 057 3721381


01 Feb 2010

Our company is an official representative of SFA company (France) in Ukraine. Pumps for forced sewerage systems: disintegrating pumps, sanitary pumps, sewerage stations, 12-24V pumps for yachts and ships.
Pumping equipment: heating, water supply, effluent discharge. Booster pump stations of foreign manufacture (Denmark, Italy, Germany) and domestic assembly on the basis of Wilo, Calpeda and Grundfos pumps. Varem pneumatic tanks. Hydromodulus. Heat exchanger


Contact Person: Yulia Galanina

Chernyshevskogo str., 8

61057, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 057 7525250

Fax: +38 057 7590305


31 Jan 2010

Driving, roller, hauling, anchor chains and other types of chain.


Contact Person: Alexander Pyashin

Mira Str. 12.Ap.122

36022, Poltava, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0532 651230, +38 050 6934515

Fax: +38 05322 78030


05 Dec 2009

The company "Plus Engineering" produces complete electrical cabinets for the automatic control systems for equipment.
We suggest to produce your products in the territory of Ukraine, that will allow you to optimize production costs.
Our production is more favorable, because we do products of good quality and cheaper, than made in Europe or America.
We are responsible for: Quality of product (we follow ISO9001:2008); management and introduction of projects connected with manufacture; the manufacture organisation; the organisation of licences, permissions and certificates for output and the beginning of work of manufacture.
We are ready to be to you useful both in offered, and in other directions of technical and commercial activity.
We offer fruitful cooperation of your company.

Plus Engineering

Contact Person: Pavel Juzhanikov

Pobedy Str., Building 40, Mail Box 51

69001, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Tel: +38 050 2240987

Fax: +38 061 2280160


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