Suppliers of repair services in Ukraine

12 Mar 2021 — registered

Компанія AXIOMA виконує проектування, виготовлення і монтаж алюмінієвих вікон, дверей, розсувних конструкцій, а також алюмінієвих фасадів. Окремим напрямком підприємство здійснює встановлення металопластикових конструкцій, що дозволяє нам комплексно підходити до реалізації різного роду проектів скління, від багатоквартирних додому, офісів і комерційних установ, до скління приватних котеджів і заміських будинків.


Contact Person: Таран Наталя

вул.Титова 36, оф 8 (4 пов)

49000, Дніпро, Ukraine

Tel: +380671010120


01 Sep 2020 — registered

Компания КВАДРАТУМ предоставляет услуги по ремонту квартир и домов в Одессе по самым выгодным ценам. Мы первые и единственные в городе, имеем детальную отчётность и учёт, что позволяет нашим клиентам получать отчёт на любой стадии ремнонта мгновенно! Так же мы тщятельно уделяем внимание качеству выполнения работ и пользуемся только штатными профессиональными мастерами.

КВАДРАТУМ - ремонт квартир в городе Одесса

Contact Person: Pavel KV

г. Одесса, Одесская область, 65114 ул. Люстдорфская дор. 140А, БЦ «Вузовский» , компания «Квадратум»

65114, Одесса, Ukraine

Tel: +380739970707


12 Sep 2019 — registered

Наша компанія пропонує натуральний (граніт, мармур) та штучний камінь (кварцит) і вироби з цих видів каменю.
Ассортимент компанії - це стільниці, підвіконня, вхідні групи і сходи, а також камінні портали.

Торговий дім "Дюлон"

Contact Person: Бабіч Оксана Володимирівна

Васильківська, 30

03022, Киев, Ukraine

Tel: +380504109387, +380503872137


01 May 2019 — registered, 01 May 2019 — updated

Restoration of bathtubs of any size, degree of complexity, material of manufacture, at the client's house.

Chip elimination, bulk bath, enamel bath, acrylic liner (“bath in bath”).

Fast, high quality, warranty from 5 years.

Contact Person: Alex

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (098) 959-31-81, +38 (066) 740-31-71, +38 (063) 620-57-47


06 Apr 2019 — registered

The company offers you a wide range of parts and lubricants to the machinery of the following brands: Claas, Krone, John Deere, Lemken and others.

In addition to the supply of original and interchangeable parts, we provide diagnostic and repair services.

Contact Person: Dmytro Liashenko

Bahrytskoho st., 59

49007, Dnipro, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (096) 644-96-33, +38 (068) 770-87-93


16 Mar 2019 — registered

Snizhnyi Bars offers modern industrial mountaineering.

Facade works.

Redecoration of facades, painting of walls and more.

Professional high-altitude works.

Snizhnyi Bars

Contact Person: Svitlana Dolak

Khmelnytske shosse 2a

21036, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (096) 555-30-92


08 Feb 2019 — registered

Construction company "Bryhada Budivelnykiv" has been operating for more than 10 years, specializing in repair and construction works.

The scope of our activities includes a variety of services: from plumbing repairs to large-scale construction and decoration.

Our professionals work with any type of premises: whether it's an apartment, office, shop or cafe - any customer will receive from us an ideal package of necessary repairs.

Bryhada Budivelnykiv

Contact Person: Yaroslav

Suleimana Stalskoho st. 32

04139, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0987902882



23 Jan 2019 — registered

Maybe you had to deal with sticking wallpaper to walls during repairs in an apartment, house, office.

The calculation of the amount of material, the study of glue manufacturers and the selection of the best ones ... And if you also decided to do a number of jobs yourself, then spoiled nerves, a lot of time spent, maybe even wasted money guaranteed!

To protect you from the above, our team was organized.

With extensive experience we will be able to:
- advise on topical issues;
- help with the choice of material for a particular case;
- perform high-quality work - sticking all types of wallpaper (non-woven, vinyl, paper, photo wallpaper).

The services are provided in Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Vinnytsia, etc.

Contact Person:


Tel: +38 096 151 52 54, +38 094 925 37 15


10 Dec 2018 — registered

We specialize in selling of building materials, and providing construction services for our clients.

Decor House

Contact Person: Oleg Ivanov

Lagina, 12/1

Mykolayiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380512474038


14 Jan 2018 — registered

Primotec offers hotel equipment manufactured to modern standards.

The company's product range includes electronic card locks, hotel mini bars, safes, hair dryers and other accessories.

We work throughout Ukraine, we guarantee the delivery of high-quality equipment on time.


Contact Person: Dmytro

Kniazheska st. 3/5, office 12

65029, Odesa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (0482) 344-123


17 Dec 2017 — registered

Repair of apartments in Odessa and Chornomorsk on a turnkey basis and with a fixed price.

We repair apartments and houses according to three standard design projects.

048 - Repair of Apartments in Odesa

Lustdorfska doroha 25

68000, Odesa, Ukraine

Tel: 8 068 522 06 43


19 Oct 2017 — registered, 19 Oct 2017 — updated

Novyie Zodchie offers a full range of construction services to its customers.

We specialize in:
- integrated project management
- general contracts
- general construction works
- development of design projects
- repair and finishing works
- internal engineering networks arrangement

Novyie Zodchie

Contact Person: Oleksiy Chigasov

Zdolbunivska st., 7D

02081, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 4593048


25 Apr 2016 — registered

We offer you to restore your old bathtub using any of the three available methods: enameling of the bathtub, acryling of the bathtub, bulking of the bathtub.

The restoration process allows, in a short time, to get a snow-white, glossy, completely indistinguishable from a new product, bathtub.



Tel: +380671875718


26 Jan 2016 — registered

Enterprise Profi-Vann is a team of professionals who know their business.

We specialize in the repair of bathtubs and shower trays.

Masters of Profi-Vann firmly know all the subtleties of the profession and are ready to make maximum efforts to achieve the best results.



Tel: +38 (050) 556-56-24


23 Dec 2015 — registered

Construction and repair services.


Contact Person: Dmytro

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097 1562604


27 Jun 2015 — registered

Need a home master in Kyiv?

"San Sanych" offers a team of specialists, who will perform repairs, plumbing, electrical works etc.

We operate seven days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm.

The master will arrive within one hour after you leave your order.

We provide a one-year warranty.

A lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

San Sanych

Contact Person: Alexey Rumyantsev

Svyatoshinsky district., P. Peter and Paul Borschagivka, Lenin st. 1-B

08130, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 364 12 69


31 May 2015 — registered

The company “House Work” provides a range of services: plumbing, electrical work, repair work in your house, design and installation of heating systems, installation of air conditioners.


House Work

Contact Person: Pavlo

Kurska st. 4, corpus 1

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (044) 578-18-78


03 Feb 2014 — registered

Computer repair of any complexity.

Soldering motherboards.

Laptop repair of any complexity, replacement matrices, keyboards repair, replacement batteries.

Antivirus cleaning computers (installation of anti-virus programs).

Printer repair.

And restoration of cartridges.

MMGroup Computers

Tyraspilska st. 19

65000, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0487001707


10 Apr 2010 — registered

New and second-hand Computers from a wholesale warehouse in Odessa in the complete set with LED monitors under reasonable prices. Wide choice of complete sets and periphery. A guarantee from 2 years.
Ready decisions for the house (game, standard, base), offices, shops, Internet-clubs, computer classes. Computers assemblage according to your order.
Flexible prices. Wide choice. Delivery is possible.
Cash and the clearing settlement.
There is a huge quantity of variants of configurations.

Also we are ready to consult you on any computer question. If consultations will be not enough, masters can personally arrive to you and eliminate problems on a place (at home or office).

Mm Group Computers

Contact Person: Andrew Meschanchuk

Tiraspolskaya Str, Bilding 19

65000, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel: +38 048 7001707, +38 048 7000039

Fax: +38 048 7709295


10 Apr 2009 — registered

"Tekhflot" Limited Liability Company was found in 2003 in Sevastopol, Ukrane.
The company primary deals with:
- ship repair - almost all types of repairs, including placing a vessel up to 260m. in a dock;
- ship conversion & re-equipment
- shipbuilding - building of vessels up to 100 meters ;
- maritime and river fuel-filling stations (compact oil-tankers) - design, construction, transportation and sale;
- design bureau - design of different vessels, fuel-filling stations, floating houses and so on.
The leading specialists have semi centennial ship repair and shipbuilding experience.
The additional businesses are:
- motor/sail yachts charter and brokerage;
- houseboats building and brokerage.


Contact Person: Alexey Malko

Nakhimova avenue, 5-7

99011, Sevastopol, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0 503 60 25 97, +38 0 505 21 86 16

Fax: +38 0 692 46 61 11


24 Feb 2009 — registered

Production of compatible cartridges. Dealer and distributor of computer and office technicians. Official service center of leading trade marks.

Expert Service

Contact Person: Oleg Matkovsky

Kotliarevskogo 29

46003, Ternopol, Ukraine

Tel: +38 035 2421006


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