Software suppliers in Ukraine

18 Nov 2019 — registered, 26 Dec 2019 — updated

Simcord's activities are focused on the creation and development of new economic-legal models and hardware-software systems created on the basis of distributed registry technology (Blockchain).
Simcord is active in many IT fields, including:
- development of Blockchain protocols and consensus algorithms for growing well functioning businesses
- development of various systems for classifying and forecasting big data
- hardware and software complexes for trading in the global financial markets
- website, web app and mobile app development
Simcord Company regularly organizes and conducts thematic seminars, as well as conferences and briefings, at which the Company's specialists share with the participants relevant information and unique experience.
It is also worth noting that the Company conducts active public activities and participates in charity events.
You can learn more about Simcord Company on the official website.

Simcord LLC

Contact Person: Marketing Department

Otakara Yarosha, 18

61140, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (057) 728 08 80


11 Oct 2019 — registered

We are a ukrainian software company who specialize in developing premium web and mobile bespoke applications. Whether you’ve already got an idea or a business problem that needs solving, we’re here to help with our crack team of technical experts.

We help entrepreneurs launch start-ups and create successful products that help them in business development. Extensive experience in development, use of Agile-methodology and workflow transparency, allow us to provide our customers with high-tech and innovative solutions.


Contact Person: Petro Kovalchuk

Kulparkivska St, 59

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +380950040047


02 Sep 2019 — registered

We help build and extend dedicated development teams and R&D centers in Ukraine. Tell us your needs and we will get things done for you on time. You control the hiring process, reviewing CVs and trialling professionals. No hidden extra fees or any back-office hassle. Looking for one developer or want to extend your software team to 20 people with a project manager or product owner? We can help.

Extended and Dedicated Development Teams
Managed Team - simply tell us your project requirements, and we’ll do the rest to meet your business goals
R&D centers
Managed Project - we’ll execute your entire project according to your requirements and final specifications
IT Relocation

Access to 250,000 developers in Ukraine
Direct communication with your development team
We adapt to your tools, platforms and processes
Team members are English fluent
Full support from our HR management, Recruitment, retention, Administration, Technical Consulting
Value-added services that improve team performance and business efficiency
Flexible conditions based on your needs and engagement models
24/7 Client support

Professionals available:
Mobile developers
Web developers — front and back end
Desktop developers
QA engineers — manual and automated testing
Project managers
UI/UX designers
Business analysts

Hire Ukrainian Software Developers

Contact Person: Phoebe RIng

Boikivska street 5b

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: 8339981222


22 Sep 2017 — registered, 29 Aug 2019 — updated

PROFFIZ helps startups and software vendors to develop great products for Fortune 500 companies, as well as setup and operate seamlessly integrated nearshore/offshore teams.

Proffiz is founded by a professional team with 14 years of diverse experience in IT industry covering North America and EU markets. We are proficient in both innovative startups and enterprise-level projects.

> Our primary technology stack is Blockchain, Ethereum, Angular, React, Java, Node.js, .NET, NoSQL, Android & iOS.

We offer:

- Solutions for startups (from idea validation to market-ready product development)
- Custom software development
- Managed dedicated teams
- Tech consulting (architecture, security, SDLC)

Let's have a chat!


Contact Person: Ihor K.

5v Knyahyni Ol'hy st.

79008, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +380676967642


19 Aug 2019 — registered, 20 Aug 2019 — updated

VILMATE - Nearshore Software Development Team, an Eastern-European custom software provider.

We help businesses worldwide develop premium-quality custom software while offering them one of the world’s best money-for-value ratios. Our clients benefit from our second-to-none expertise and skills, total reliability and flexibility, shorter recruitment cycles and dramatic cost savings. We operate out of a world-renowned Eastern-European software outsourcing location to fulfill your business needs in the most optimal manner and help your business grow.

Our anchor service offering is custom software development. We offer the Dedicated Team and Staff Augmentation service delivery models. We hand-pick and hire awesome software developers and other IT professionals to seamlessly extend our clients’ existing in-house teams, or create dedicated teams that are then fully managed by our clients.

> VILMATE - Software Development Company in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Vilmate’s technology stack includes iOS, Android, AngularJS, .NET, C#, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript and more.


23 Serpnya 31b

61000, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38-057-750-93-32


15 Aug 2019 — registered

Ergonized is a Salesforce consulting and development company focused on client success.

As a Salesforce consulting partner, we provide you with all the needed services to achieve your business goals in the most efficient way. Our certified Salesforce consultants will analyze your existing needs and provide you with recommendations on the steps to take.

Our specialists will implement and develop a solution for your business, that will help you to get the maximum return of your investment. Your customized Salesforce solution will be developed based on your company`s needs and business goals. There is no need to worry about the support and administration of your new Salesforce CRM, we provide it.

Our Salesforce certified consultants and developers are here to advise the best optimal way to achieve your business goals.


Boikivska street 5b

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: 8332107333


09 Jul 2014 — registered, 27 Mar 2019 — updated

Developex is a software development consultancy and staffing company with over 18 years on the market.

Having development centers in Canada and Ukraine, we built strong relationships with multiple companies from North America, Asia, and Europe.

DevelopEx main benefit for its partners is unique Project and Team management methodology. As well as recruiting and team building strategy: we select only highly professional and motivated candidates and develop our team constantly. All of that made us capable of developing software of any complexity, using different technologies and tools.

Key info:
Development offices in Vancouver, BC (Canada), Kyiv (Ukraine), Dnipro (Ukraine)
17 years on the market;
Have a team of 200 + full-time specialists: project managers, software engineers, business analysts, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, system administrators;
Have finished 200+ projects;
Models of cooperation: Time and Material, Fixed-price Projects, Dedicated Teams and Team Extension.

Typical clients:
Software vendors (ISV) and technology product owners, Startup owners, Enterprises and IT departments that rely on technology to maintain and increase business value.

Main Services

Dedicated software development centers (team as a service) - unique recruiting strategy and best HR practices, allow us to gather and establish software development team of any profile that will work for you as a part of your own development department.

Custom Software Design and Development - our experience in major technology areas and our team structure (PMs, developers, QA, BA, UI/UX designers, system administrators) allow us to take care of all aspects of software development from project/UX planning to Product Delivery and Support.


Naberezhno-Luhova st. 9/45

04073, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (067) 463-13-79


12 Mar 2019 — registered

Appus Studio is a full-cycle app development company with the in-house team.

The company was founded in 2009 in Ukraine.

Now it is a middle-sized IT company with 40 professionals on a board (iOS, Android, Web developers, UI/UX designers, project managers, QA testers) and one of the TOP app development companies, based in Ukraine that serves clients from all over the world.

We design and create state-of-the-art iOS, Android & web apps using powerful technologies & unique strategies.

We offer free project management, free QA, free consultations, free distribution, conditionally free wireframes, up to 1-year warranty and we never use pre-payments & never outsource the projects to third parties.

Our team provides the following services:

+ iOS development;
+ Android development;
+ Web development;
+ Apple TV development;
+ SmartWatch development;
+ Graphic design;
+ Quality assurance.

Appus Studio LP

Contact Person: Dmitry Mikheev

Alchevskih st. 17

61000, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: 8 (888) 312-77-87


19 Nov 2018 — registered, 19 Nov 2018 — updated

Hire experts & get your job done. The right IT solutions. Run, test and validate your ideas with us!

Why choose us
We believe we have created the most efficient SaaS team for your business. We are a highly experienced team of managers, developers, designers, and QA.

Responsive Layout
Responsive code that makes your pages look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). Created with mobile specialists.

Business Analysis
By design, we put all the required analysis into your business applications in order to be able to make insightful decisions.

Smart Microservices design
All our applications are fully extendable and flexible. A smart API structure, that can be reused on any client.

Multiple Technologies Stack
> Choose between different technologies our teams can operate with. Java, .NET, Android, iOS, PHP, JS, etc.

Flexible Payment Options
Hire our team to implement the project with your technical documentation. Let our managers help to define your tasks. Hire dedicated developers with the remote office for your particular needs.

Experienced Management
We use best IT management and development practices: ScaledAgileFramework


Contact Person: Max


Tel: +38 063 7648319


29 Oct 2018 — registered

Proven software development outsourcing provider in Ukraine.

Onix is a full scope software development company that delivers outstanding results and excellent customer service.


Contact Person: Onix-Systems

Tarasa Karpy st. 76

25006, Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine

Tel: +38 0522361172


28 Feb 2018 — registered

Skynix was established in 2015 and has been operating worldwide from their cozy office in the beautiful capital of Ukraine.

In under a year our team grew from four to over fifteen tech thirsty individuals, happy to serve our partners from Oceania, Europe, and the Americas.

In the future this will expand to allow for many more diverse collaborations around the globe.

We are a well-coordinated team of professionals able to create seamless solutions based on the reliable back-end and exquisite front-end.

Among the technologies we specialize in backend development are: PHP5, PHP7, Yii Framework 2, Laravel, Zend Framework 2, Magento 1, Magento 2, Wordpress, Nodejs;

Our front-end developers work with HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, SCSS, jQuery, Sencha ExtJS, Angular 4/5, Ember JS, Bootstrap, Foundation etc.

Skynix Ltd

Contact Person: Bogdan Kushlyk

Glybotchytska 17D, Business center Torus

04050, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380442250224, +380675017574


28 Sep 2017 — registered, 11 Jan 2018 — updated

Rademade is a trusted IT/web solutions brand which started 6 years ago.

We create online marketplaces, e-commerce websites, ERP and CRM systems, and targeted on SaaS products from scratch. Besides this, we also code / design if the project is complex or interesting.

Our skills: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, MarionetteJS, Karma, CoffeeScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Stylus, Rupture, Jade, Bootstrap, Gulp, PhoneGap.

We prefer to work on a time and materials basis, with the help of SCRUM methodology. T&M model means the project moves in 2 week long cycles, giving the client fewer investments for detailed tasks specifications. Also, it helps us to be more flexible if there is a need to change priorities about features or add new functions.

So, if your idea needs a team of extremely qualified developers and designers, we will help you with pleasure since we are not only experts in our field, we are fun-filled and at the same time we have professional approach to business.


Contact Person: Vitalii Bondarchuk

Spaska st. 31b

80385, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (044) 333 47 80


04 Sep 2017 — registered

CRM Krusher - autodialer systems for small and big companies.

Our systems have CRM functionality and can be used not just like dialling systems, but also to keep saving info about each communication.

CRM Krusher

Contact Person: Dennis Galan

Stepana Bandery av., 21

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 380443649633


11 Aug 2017 — registered

A global company with offices in New York, San-Francisco, London, Frankfurt and Tel-Aviv and with R&D facilities in Ukraine, Innovecs specializes in serving Entertainment, Adtech, Fintech, E-commerce, Telecom and Healthcare markets.

Innovecs focuses on mobile and web development, blockchain, ad tech technologies, animation and art asset creation.


6-Z, Vatslava Havela Boulevard

03680, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 593 77 94


10 Jan 2017 — registered, 19 Jul 2017 — updated

Jobs Ukraine is a successful IT recruitment agency. The company was founded by two friends from the Netherlands in 2014.

Jobs Ukraine has a trustworthy position as one of Ukraine’s most reputable recruitment agencies.

The companies main focus is to build long-term partnerships with its customers. Recruitment consultants can help you plan your forthcoming project assignments and determine candidate suitability based on their skills and experience for your project. Also, this IT recruitment agency has a broad range of IT job opportunities to choose from.

Why Jobs Ukraine?

This company solves staffing problems fast and effectively. Every client is important for them, and they seek win-win relationships Over a number of years they have built the intellectual capacity to give high quality of service. Jobs Ukraine is a team comprised of project managers, recruiters, and analysts with robust technical background. The agency advertises heavily to find the perfect candidates for its clients who will add value to their business.

Every single day Jobs Ukraine successfully places numerous computing experts, IT support professionals in contractual or permanent posts, web developers, freelance developers to satisfy a large variety of job vacancies. Recruitment consultants can assist you in a personal manner in order to make your company more successful. The biggest advantage of Jobs Ukraine is broad experience in working with different IT companies worldwide. We hope that your collaboration with IT Recruitment Agency Jobs Ukraine will be successful and their team will help you grow your business.


Contact Person: Trevor Knight

str. Fedkovycha 60a

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +380 934943444


04 Jul 2017 — registered

NewGround LLC is a software development company with product and R&D departments based in Ukraine.

We've been in operation since 1999 and have 60 skilled Middle and Senior level developers.

We've been working with our business partners for years, preferring 1 old friend to 10 new ones.

Also, we have IOT experience in our own hardware + software products for the media and entertainment industries.

To make all that happen, we do advanced research through our R&D department that works with Data Mining, IOT, and machine learning.

You can see it here.

We have a wide range of experience in different industries (logistics, government, media, medicine, entertainment).

We also only have Middle and Senior Developers because we care about your time and money, so you DO NOT pay for the learning, just the doing.

We respect your confidentiality, so, we never go over NDA agreement. And all of our partners stay with us an average 3+ years and they can confirm that.

Our Services / What we Do

• Consulting. Our core team provides consulting services that include: preparing industry research, consulting services on the business goals of your project, developing those specific goals, creating the terms and conditions of the development, and finding the best solution that work for your project and the technical solutions you need to reach your goals.

• IT Architecture. We use a defined system of best practices and all the guidelines from Android and IOS to build the kind of software that needs a minimum amount of your time and money now and in the future, ensuring stability and quality.

• Development. We provide complete packages of software development services for different platforms. We integrate and test solutions.

• Testing & Maintenance

• Resource Management. Reporting on the development of the project is provided to you with the help of modern tracking systems and regular communication. Reports on the use of resources and compliance with the plan can be obtained at each design stage.

OUR Own Products

• Mobile apps. For automotive financing services involving credit and maintenance plans, tracking apps for transport industry and up to 50 mobile games.

• Interactive solutions. 3D mapping, Interactive maps for multi touch surface, Interactive stands for advertising and event agencies.

• Bluetooth solutions for media and entertainment industry.

Our Technological Experience:

• 18 years of experience in Java

• 18 years of experience in R&D

• 7 years of experience in IOS

• 7 years of experience in Android

> • 7 years of experience in .NET

• 6 years of experience in Scala

Our Markets and Our Expertise

• Automated systems for logistics companies and organizations;

• Geo Information Systems supporting Transport Authorities;

• CRM Solutions;

• ERP applications;

• Rapid Application Development platforms;

• Mobile applications;

• Digital media solutions;

• Cloud Computing

Where We've Been Challenged and Succeeded

• Highly loaded, 24\7, live system

• Big government projects

• Complex geo Information Systems

NewGround LLC

Contact Person: Ksenya Timchenko

Antonovycha st. 58

03150, Kyiv, Ukraine


17 May 2017 — registered, 24 May 2017 — updated

XtendIT is a Ukrainian innovative IT company specializing in nearshore software development in Europe and Ukraine.

Our services:
- IT Outstaffing
- IT recruitment

We are experts in hiring and managing high efficient and performing teams.

With our services you get access to the best IT developers and reduce costs. You manage your team directly while we deal with such non-core issues as recruitment, HRM, pay rolling, office infrastructure and other support.

We also offer IT recruitment and relocation services in case you want to have your developers on site. We are able to recruit experienced developers, testers, project managers, web and graphic designers from Ukraine within one month.

We are the team of managers, recruitment and technical gurus.

We help you to achieve your business goals by building performing and high efficient software development teams.

We save up to 60% of your software development costs by recruiting for you the teams in Ukraine.

We save your time by hiring the teams for you in Ukraine and caring about them on day-to-day basis.

Just imagine – within a few weeks you get an effective and high-performing team of developers operating in Ukraine.

Our experience:

10 years experience in setting up software development teams.

30K+ candidates database in Central & Eastern Europe.

12 teams launched within last 3 years.

Scaling up the teams from 5 to 40+ engineers.

Lets talk how to save your software development costs?!


Contact Person: Enver Ablyaev

ploshcha Sportyvna, 1а

01023, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: + 38 095 7306044


04 May 2017 — registered, 04 May 2017 — updated

"TQM systems" is a Ukrainian software company founded in 2008.

Among our customers, there are companies from Fortune 100.

Our advantage is the deep experience of implementing ERP systems, which allows us to develop strong software for business: SaaS, Web services and other apps (redevelopment & development from scratch).

Also, our specialization is application integration on the different platform by with IPaaS.

> Our main stack is 1C, .NET, Node.js.

We are building modern IT systems for business with good price!

TQM systems

Contact Person: Maksim Zosim

Turivska str, 31, office 1

04080, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (050) 976-91-55, +38 (044) 230-87-50


26 Apr 2017 — registered

Cleveroad is a full-stack development company. We deliver high-quality software, desktop and mobile, and assist in its promotion and support.

We create products using such languages as C#, Javascript, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby and numerous frameworks.

We strongly follow the Agile approach in our workflow which lets us stay flexible and deliver products that meet our customers’ expectations.

We value our clients and our reputation. This attitude allowed us to deliver over 150 successful projects during the last 5 years.


Contact Person: Ivan

78V, Komsomolska st.

49000, Dnipro, Ukraine

Tel: +38-063-449-3721, +1-415-231-3721


21 Apr 2017 — registered

Sirin Software is a Florida-based IT outsourcing company with delivery center in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Our core business is Embedded Systems, Server Side Programming, IoT Solutions, Web and Mobile App Development.

Having a huge talent pool of software developers in Ukraine allows Sirin Software to meet even the most exclusive requirements.

Sirin Software

Yaroslavska St. 56a

04071 , Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 592 50 87, +1 864 558 9180


24 Mar 2017 — registered

Teamvoy specializes in software development and consultancy services.

We provide full cycle software development with continuous support.

Our services can range from developing the simplest projects to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses and social network services, whether you need to mobilize existing mobile application, create a mobile extension to existing system or a brand new mobile solution.


Akademika Bohomoltsya st. 6

79005, Lviv, Ukraine


13 Feb 2017 — registered

We provide quality services of development of internet portals and software for desktop and mobile platforms.


Heroyiv UPA st. 73

79015, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 093 9603942


26 Jan 2017 — registered, 26 Jan 2017 — updated

Agilites is a company providing offshore software development and independent testing services.

Being located in Eastern Europe (Kharkiv, Ukraine) our company is delivering IT outsourcing services to companies around the globe.

Our team numbers more than 50 qualified engineers and since we operate using the model of dedicated teams we hire engineers with whatever skills are needed for our client’s project.


Contact Person: Dmytro Zamura

Malom'yasnyts'ka st. 2a

61010, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380503037317


28 Dec 2016 — registered

Adoriasoft custom software development company is a highly qualified, energetic team of experts driven by a mutual desire to deliver the best.

It offers top full cycle services: Research and Estimation, Requirements definition, Architecting, Prototyping, Development, UI/UX design, QA, Support and Updates, IT Consulting.

Founded in 2009, Adoriasoft is the company that has written its history of professionalism, hard work, commitment and dedication.


Contact Person: Anna

Novgorodska st., 11, office 411

61166, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +1(559) 927 39 61


27 Dec 2016 — registered, 28 Dec 2016 — updated

Vakoms is a reliable IT partner for startups and an efficient solution provider for SMEs and large enterpises.

The company provides a full cycle of software development, helping customers to turn ideas into great products, and/or refine existing products.

Vakoms offers the following services:
- Web development (websites, web apps, services)
- Mobile development (native apps for iOS and Android)
- Desktop and cross-platfrom app development using Qt (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X)
- Internet of Things and embedded systems
- 3D modeling
- Virtual reality and augmented reality
- Quality assurance
- IT consulting


Contact Person: Yaroslav Kizyma

Pasichna st. 93B

79032, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +380322417234


09 Nov 2016 — registered, 09 Nov 2016 — updated

Serfcompany is a software company of highly qualified and experienced professionals (nearly 52 developers).

We provide quality, cost-effective solutions in specialization:

- web development;
- mobile app development;
- automatic systems;
- artificial intelligence.

Our main concept is automation which could help the client sale something or promote their company.

Our web projects are:
- e-commerce sites;
- social networks;
- large portals;
- web tools for process automation, informational sites for businesses, and others.

Our mission is to make web services which will help our clients to increase their sales by using latest automation technologies for decreasing your staff during maintenance.

We are working with companies from US, Canada, Europe, Australia and from other countries.
We have created our own products you can see it in our site.
We have a lot of ideas and able to implement all of them in life.

You can see all that we have here:

Our goal is that the customer should feel that collaboration with us has a high return on investment.

Contact us and we will find the best solution for you and your business.


Contact Person: Vitaliy Kushnarev

Gimnazichna naberezhna, 24

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: 380668953680


09 Nov 2015 — registered, 12 Jul 2016 — updated

Being a Technology & Solution Consulting company, we co-build technology products to help companies accelerate growth. We achieve this by leveraging our technical, process and domain expertise and access to the best price-for-value Eastern European engineers. Over 100 US-based and 200 worldwide businesses have chosen us as their Technology Consulting Partner.

Our services:

Engineering services
∙ Software Product Development
∙ Team Extension

Data Science
∙ Machine Learning
∙ Predictive Analytics

UX/UI Consulting
∙ UX Design
∙ Conversion Rate Optimization

Technology Consulting
∙ Enterprise Architecture
∙ Performance Improvements
∙ Cloud Services

Domain expertise:
∙ Finance
∙ Health Care
∙ eCommerce & Retail
∙ Travel
∙ Media & Entertainment
∙ Marketing
∙ Aviation & Transportation

Technology expertise:
> ∙ Microsoft.NET
∙ HTML, CSS, UI JavaScript
∙ Cross-Platform and Native Mobile
∙ Java
∙ R, Python
∙ Cloud Technologies
∙ Full Stack JavaScript


Contact Person: Anton Borysov

Pushkinska 32

61057, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +1 (877) 777-9097


08 Feb 2016 — registered

CleverStaff is a professional recruitment software.

It takes into account all the finesses of this process, makes it simpler and saves users time.

Software CleverStaff is developed by recruiters for recruiters.

Using CleverStaff you get:

- the simple professional recruitment software for using

- resume parsing for quick adding candidate to your account

- integration with Linkedin and email

- flexible settings for vacancy stages

- permanent technical support.

Today software CleverStaff is used by different staffing agencies, IT companies and manufacturing enterprises.


Contact Person: Vladimir Kurilo

Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: 380509956539, 380635806768


14 Jan 2016 — registered

We are involved in geospatial software and geo data production.

Our goal is to focus on the creation and delivery of geo data and the development of 3d map rf planning software for the global telecom.


Contact Person: Evgeniy Krivosheev

25/2 Bolshaya, Zhitomirska st.

01001, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2010086


20 Oct 2015 — registered

AgiliWay is a US-based software development outsourcing and consulting company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our main development and consulting center is located in Lviv, Ukraine.

AgiliWay is a young and fast-growing company founded by a group of IT experts who have been working in IT outsourcing industry for more than 20 years in USA and Ukraine and now leverage our experience to provide partners with flexible yet high-quality software development service.

AgiliWay’s main areas of specialisation include:

— Web and Mobile custom software development
— IT Outsourcing consulting
— BI and Big Data solutions
— Business processes outsourcing


Contact Person: Serhiy

Kulparkivska st. 59

79000, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +380 93 252 21 53


10 Jan 2015 — registered, 21 Aug 2015 — updated

TechMagic is a development studio for startups.

Our core expertise is native iOS and Android applications and web development expanded using MEAN frameworks.

We launched our own products, raised investments, run totally lean startup.

We apply our tech and startup experience to help entrepreneurs launch their ideas.


Contact Person: Lidiya Dats

18, Brativ Rohatyntsiv Street

79008, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +1-541-754-3010


18 Jun 2015 — registered

Indeema Software is a mobile software development company from Ukraine who provides full cycle software development starting from researching and finishing with application release to store.

Our clients are our partners cause when we cooperate we develop a business of each other! We are partners!

We bring together highly talented mobile developers to provide our partners the best solutions.

Our mission is to help our partners to create a business of the future by providing them with top quality & cost efficient solutions.

Our slogan is: "We can be successful only if our partners are successful".

Thank you for partnering with us!


Contact Person: Volodymyr

109 Zelena

79049, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +1 213 814 1528, +38 (032)253-83-58


11 Jun 2015 — registered, 12 Jun 2015 — updated

Program-Ace is an innovative software development company which specializes in web, 3D, mobile development, consulting and engineering services, custom desktop solutions.

We provide the entire spectrum of services including pre-project technical consulting, development, post-project support and on-demand refactoring.


Contact Person: Kseniya Zharchenko

56, Poltavsky Shlyah

61052, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380577122180


20 May 2015 — registered

IT-BRAMA Company is a developer and supplier of portal solutions allowing for enhancing the efficiency of employees' work, providing them with up-to-date corporate information, the means of searching for necessary documents and knowledge, automating document flow as well as bringing together data and processes from different systems.


Contact Person: Ann

11A Mariny Raskovoy st., off. 215

02660, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (044) 501-85-46


20 Feb 2015 — registered

We are a mobile app development company.

We create apps on iOS and Android.


Contact Person: Olexandr Sokhanych

Shandora Petefi sq., 47

88000, Uzhhorod , Ukraine

Tel: +38 095 109 57 76 , +38 063 433 40 82


16 Feb 2015 — registered, 16 Feb 2015 — updated

Trust Sourcing, a Cygility company - innovative and professional team of designers and developers.

10 years on Ukrainian market.

Founded in 2005 by Haroon Elsarrag

Specialization in:
• Web and software development
• Outstanding design
• Mobile development
• QA

Working with companies from USA and Europe.


Chistyakivska st. 30

03162, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 098 999 83 83


04 Feb 2015 — registered

Mobile and web development and design.


Contact Person: Darja

Lyvarna st. 6, ap. 7

49044, Dnipro, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (050) 534-6100


17 Nov 2014 — registered

Our offshore outsourcing company provides the whole cycle of software development services, supporting projects on each stage of product life cycle.

We are oriented toward long-term collaboration and that is why our team offers customers top notch solutions that help their business flourish and grow.

Having expertise in e-learning, e-commerce, financial we provide services for different domains. Finally, either you are a big company or startup we can help to implement your ideas.

DDI Development

61000-499, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tel: +380682507503


08 Oct 2014 — registered

We exist for just one objective – to make sure that out clients' businesses are fully automated so as to take advantage of emerging trends and all IT innovations to create efficient and seamless business solutions.

We specialize in introducing proficient enterprise resource management systems for amalgamation beyond Fortune 1000.

As the entire business world looks towards the world of information technology in search of solutions that will be responsible for the integration of their business systems with the latest innovations in IT, SoftGroup offers a world of logistical solutions in consulting and information technological services.

We are among the undisputable leaders offering software application development initiatives that enable us to deliver top of the range solutions to give your firm a competitive edge.

Soft Group

Contact Person: Viktoria

3 Maydan Nezalezhnosti str, office 415

33000, Rivne, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2705495


01 Apr 2014 — registered

ABTO Software is a Ukrainian software development company, a provider of full-cycle software outsourcing & offshore/nearshore software development services and solutions which cater to US & Europe customers of various industries: Finance, Government, Healthcare, Aircraft, Construction, Digital Security, Distribution, etc.

> Our company’s rich experience in software applications development using such technologies as MS .Net, ASP.NET, Java, C++, C#, is sure to give your business a competitive edge.

ABTO Software

77/T77, Heroiv UPA St.

79013, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 097 952 1622


23 Jan 2014 — registered, 23 Jan 2014 — updated

Our specialization is development, installation and maintenance of systems of complex automation of bank activity, analytical financial systems and specialized solutions of automation.

> Development is carried on the basis of Microsoft .NET technology using a three-level architecture.

Lime Systems LLC

Contact Person: Oleg Nesterov

Shevchenko blvd, 27

83017, Donetsk, Ukraine

Tel: +380 50 326 52 63, +380 62 389 23 23


30 Oct 2012 — registered

Artelogic is a well-established company with a nearshore software development center in Lviv, Ukraine.

We are able to provide the full range of the software development and web outsourcing services.

They include: product development; IT outsourcing; software QA and localization; turn-key solutions for government; solutions for small and medium business; web development and web design.

Besides professional IT services, Artelogic offers solutions developed specifically to address the needs of healthcare providers and transportation companies.

Our product strategists, designers, and engineers take a shared product responsibility approach with our customers.


Contact Person: Vuhar Mamedov

Chervonoyi Kalyny ave 62a

79049, Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: 0973960096


30 Aug 2012 — registered

Services that we provide:

Full software lifecycle – from the creation to the technical support.

Optimization and improvement of existing products.

Project and quality application analysis.

Manual and automated software testing.

Web application development.

Software development for mobile technologies Android, iOS etc.

Software development for hardware.

Database development.

Software migration.

Technical support.

Available languages and development environment — Net, Java, PHP, Flash, Flex, С/С++, Android, Delphi and others.


Contact Person: Katya Tkachenko

Dovzhenko st. 64

10002, Zhytomyr , Ukraine

Tel: +80412246003, +380636769352


16 Aug 2012 — registered

We provide .net/java development services, ios / andriod mobile development.

DataX Solutions

Contact Person: Anastasiya Danilchenko

3, Sakko & Vancetti str.

69096, Zaporizhia, Ukraine

Tel: 380676123012


30 Sep 2009 — registered, 22 May 2012 — updated

QArea Inc. is a software development outsourcing company that specializes in custom software development, web development, software testing and mobile development.


Contact Person: Andrew Smith

Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel: +1-310-388-93-34


29 Mar 2012 — registered

Istrim Ltd. is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of the equipment for GPS control and navigation with software for personal and corporate GPS monitoring.

Istrim Ltd.

Contact Person: Oksana

Bratyslavska st. 14 B

02156, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 044 2323440, +38 067 5485380